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(Steve Smigaj) #1

As stated in the title I’m new. As someone who is new to the XK world, I’m going to rebuild my 57 xk140 ots myself as much as possible. I plan for it to NOT be concourse but rather a nice daily driver. In doing so I’m making a list of parts that need to be replaced . I’v seen a supplier in Chula Vista Ca. that has many of the parts I’m interested in . The issue is I’m not able to get much info for them either on this forum or on the internet. Can anyone help me on whether this supplier is good to go or are there issues?

(Karl) #2

Are you talking about an interior supply house?

(Steve Smigaj) #3

I don’t know the name of the company but the contact name is Jorge Cervera

(Nick Saltarelli) #4

There are J-Lers who have reported issues with Jorge Cervera, which may be more a function of expectations rather than value proposition.

I’ve purchased a bootlid and doors from Cervera for my XK120 restoration. The bootlid 15 years ago. It is very well made and the fit was excellent out of the crate. The doors I bought a couple of years ago “on sale”. Jorge seems to have going out of business sales from time to time. These doors were very well priced - about a quarter what the usuals demand - but they, unlike the bootlid, were not plug and play. They are 16 ga and very strong and sturdy, unlike the 18/20 ga originals, but required a lot of shrinking to reduce their crowns and the top profile lacked the “ski slope” toward the rear that required supplemental shaping. So, if you’re comfortable with working metal these are good starting points and the value propulsion is very good. Otherwise perhaps not.

(Steve Smigaj) #5

Thanks Nick. Sounds like a mixed review. I will say if additional work needs to be done after getting any parts then I’m no further ahead with some of my existing parts I have now.

(Mike Spoelker) #6

I thought I recently read that he had sold the panel business to a successor?

This guy?

(Steve Smigaj) #7

Yes I’ve been able to talk to him today. He made me a great deal I’m considering but with no physical store front I’m looking for it to be legit. Antonio said its his business and Jorge is his partner. Nice guy

(Monte) #8

Like the other guy said, not sticklers for correct as in perfect oem replacements. My series 3 e grille was also made of heavier gauge steel and so was the 120 gas tank I bought, plus line connection differences. Usable stuff though that needed time consuming fitting, but I think everyone’s replacement parts for these cars do. In fact original parts from one car going on to another don’t fit very well in my experience, at least not without a lot of work. If I learned anything restoring two old jags, buy the parts as you need them, immediate installation. I bought all kinds of parts when the money was available that just didn’t fit when it came time to use them, ended up not using too many of them, further, because they were purchased so long ago I couldn’t return them. This applies to all the big name suppliers, weatherstrips that didn’t fit right, glass, trim, you name it. I also noticed that they keep changing suppliers, don’t expect more of the same even though the same part was ordered, could be worse or better.

(Nick Saltarelli) #9

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I bought replacement outer sills for my E many years before I would get around to actually using them. Same reason. Good price and they looked good at the flea market. Didn’t look good when I tried to fit them, though. Scrapped. Money down the drain.

Back to Jorge’s panels, he has (had) them made in Mexico, which explains their lower cost. The boot lid that was a good fit out of the crate was custom made to my measured specifications, an eighth inch+ narrower than the original - that I still have - which was too tight a fit and had been repaired with bondo. The doors were out of his inventory and my expectation from the outset was that they and the body would need some fettling in order to fit them precisely. They’re hand made after all. Even in the factory there was sufficient variation in door dimensions that workers trial fitted them from a stack of doors on the floor until they achieved the best fit then lead loaded to finish. I still have my original doors but they’re flimsy in comparison to the replacements, which have internal fillet welds that really stiffen them up in addition to being 16 ga alloy. No regrets.

(j limongelli) #10

Welsh started out with xk120/140/150, they are in the states…if theres something nos or missing they have a warehouse over 30,000 square feet of the old stuff.
Good luck

(Steve Smigaj) #11

You guys are a great help thanks . I still am not sure whether or not to buy from them. I understand the company is “Hard to find Jag parts”. No store front

(Rob Reilly) #12

Here are some other sources.
You should definitely get the Service Manual and Parts Catalogue, which are available on CD-ROM, and paper reprints. Occasionally original paper copies turn up on ebay.

(Steve Smigaj) #13

Thanks Rob. I was lucky enough to have some manuals and books that came with the car but I wish I could get the XK140 bible. I know they are rare and very expensive.


Jorge Cervera started the business and is a former Hollywood actor. I dealt with him years ago and he was very personable and easy to deal with. He did all the chrome work for my Mark VIII at a fantastic price, having it all done in Mexico. He is retired from the business now and tony has taken over. Tony is not quite as friendly as Jorge was. Tony has moved the location of the business but I understand he has a lot of inventory and equipment for making some of the difficult body parts. I recently purchased a petrol filler box for my 140 from him for a very good price but it was not made correctly. He replaced it quickly and did not charge me shipping. He sometimes has sales on EBAY at a discount. If this helps. Mike

(Steve Smigaj) #15


Thank you so much for the info. I’ve been talking with Tony for some parts and find he is a very nice guy(to me). If I buy any parts I want to be sure that if I pick them up (1 1\2 day drive) or send a deposit check that I won’t have to worry about it. Tony does want me to send any deposit money in Jorge’s name.

(Terry McGrath) #16

I must admit I wanted to buy 2 inner rear wings and front XK120 FHC LH mudguard from Cervera prior to him closing down through EBAY and interestingly there has never been any real good photos of the parts he makes always very small pics and everything painted black ie you can’t see any detail. I have attached the photos at the full size sent.
Questioning him to get better pics the subject changed to “I NEVER HAD A CUSTOMER NOT TRUST THAT HE WILL GET THE BEST QUALITY PARTS AND THE BEST PRICES IN THE WORLD, AFTER LOOKING AT THE PICTURES WE HAVE IN OUR EBAY AUCTIONS” in other words no better photos and if we supply parts they wouldn’t be up to standard.
But it was impossible to get any decent photos of his parts so we made our own inner rear guards. The front LH wing I am still chasing anyone got a good rusty one prefer to fix it.
Having seen what is on offer from various suppliers with regards to panels they are all a bit average although the company in Portugal NSF coachbuilders there photos posted online are quite fantastic but having inquired today about a wing for September 2019 it was we are taking orders for 2020!
.fghtgfs gregreger

(Steve Smigaj) #17

Thanks Terry
So you haven’t purchased anything to see how close to your original it was. I swear they are like a mystery business. I can’t understand how someone who makes so many Jag parts doesn’t have a better history.

(Monte) #18

Inspired to look around and see what’s available at what prices, my god things have gotten expensive!

When I did my 120 body I was not satisfied with anything on this side of the pond for various reasons, so I sourced UK parts. That company immediately folded after my parts order, but the thing is I had everything done at once and shipped over to minimize shipping costs. Doors, wing side panels, rear wings, spats and boot lid, a bunch of small stuff as well. My advice, look for a private outfit with a good reputation in Europe. There’s a guy in Poland making parts at a reasonable cost, but I know little beyond that. I know we are not permitted to bash vendors here so I’ll just throw out a blanket statement based on my experience and say that there is plenty of deliberate dishonesty in the old jaguar replacement parts business and the quality control is awful.

What body parts are you looking for anyway?

(Steve Smigaj) #19

Thanks for the reply. Like with anything, one person’s great experience is another’s nightmare. I agree, bashing is no good but sharing ones experience good or bad is also important. The worst part of my project is the R. front quarter panel, the flange for the tyranny cover and the pillars for the strike on both sides

(Nick Saltarelli) #20

That filler box you returned became the sale item on eBay.