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Hi, I’ve noticed that when using the “New” selection to view topics, that the returned list does not include topics which are new in the Xjs category. Not sure if it has something to do with my preference profile. Currently I have 19 new topics, yet when I use the XJS category there is 1 New item shown. Also the count of new items shown in the “Category” home page for XJS does not increment for new topics. I’ll attempt to obtain screenshots to illustrate.

“New” returned topic list follows:

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New optima battery install results in dead short at the terminals. where to start looking?

E-Type \ 25x25\ 25x25 2 81 11m
Dash light resistor

E-Type \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 3 60 38m
2003 X Type 2.5l issues

X-Type \ 25x25\ 25x25 1 14 1h
Lost helpful posting!

Pre-XK \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 7 94 1h
Another esoteric XK120 question - radiator cap

XK \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 8 69 1h
Another water leak

Saloons \ 25x25 1 30 2h
last visit
Hi, I would like to update my profile and photo. How can this be done please, sincerely, Mytype

Site Feedback \ 25x25\ 25x25 5 49 7h
Instrument repair source

E-Type \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 12 175 9h
Hello to the forum

E-Type \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 16 282 11h
Does anybody have a Jaguar XFR-S?

XF \ 25x25 0 17 12h
An XK120 OTS for Christmas? Build this model from the November 1951 Popular Science

XK \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 4 51 13h
Christmas Wishes

XK \ 25x25 0 36 13h
Flat, Gloss, or Satin Black for parts on XK140

XK \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 2 83 14h
Valve/ Cam Cover Gaskets Thickness?

XK-Engine \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 3 36 16h
When Jaguar Wasn’t Boring: The XK Engine

Jag-News \ 25x25 0 38 18h
S1 Speedo repro cable and routing

E-Type \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 5 143 18h
1999 X308 coolant leak

X300 \ 25x25 0 22 19h
Jaguar S1 2+2 parts needed


wanted \ 25x25 0 60 1d
Happy/Merry _______(fill in the blank) 2021!

Lounge \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 3 30 1d


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Terrible estimate 1 \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 62 589 7m
Increase tire size on a 1987 XJS Cabriolet \ 25x25\ 25x25 1 37 1h
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XJ-SC 5.3 87 - RPM blocking at 4500/5000 + intermintent “shutdown” when hot

xjs \ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25\ 25x25 20 121 5h
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Have you ever experienced such a thing with the XJS? \ 25x25 0 41 7h

The second topic in the returned list is “new” the first topic returned in the list is “unread”