New type battery, old style dynamo charging

I’ve been given a nice large 80amp battery, but it’s one of these new style sealed gel types, with no top up plugs. Can I fit this to my car which has a dynamo? Or will the extra voltage a dynamo can produce, damage it or the charging system.

Should be fine, just be cautious when using a charger, and not exceed 2 amps or so, when doing so.

The modern calcium batteries take a higher charging voltage and are tolerant of approaching 15v in daily use. The risk of boiling off water is a bit lower than with old world units.

Thanks for that. I’ll charge it cautiously if necessary as I have a traditional 1950s charger.
The existing battery on my MK9 is 16 years old and still showing no sign of failing. It’s a black top 80amp Varta. I admit the car doesn’t get much continuous use, but I have never let it go flat or let the water level drop, and use a solar charger to maintain it.