New tyres/tires

One of the downsides to rotating tyres is that one day, all four tyres will need replacement.

This week that moment has come. It is going to be an expensive week.

I will take photos, as the rims are 70,000 miles old and will require a little … er… cleaning.

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Be aware, that some tires are directional. This means you can’t switch them side to side on the car. They’re always labeled on the tire with a directional arrow. I messed this up once on a Honda sedan and wondered why the handling was weird. Live and learn…

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I think you are saying you are shopping for four tires…good…probably years as well as miles…alway best to renew all 4…no good reason to have half the car handle differently. so the question becomes which tires, in brand, type, even size, …and about that no need to re hash it…just search the more recent archives…typing in tires…you will find a lot. Nick

Modern tyres, modern cars often yes. Not Vreds, not my E-Type.

My tyres are never out of date, they are always worn until they get down to less than 3mm. Our legal limit is 1.6mm, but at that level the wet weather performance is seriously compromised.

yaay, chris…drive it like ya stole it…mine date out…I need to drive a lot more ! I just gave away 4 Dunlop SP40…like new…but old date. Now have Pirelli P4. But thinking next will be the re-pop Pirelli Cinturato CA67. Nick

On Tweety, I always looked for “gumballl” tires, so that I’d wear them out, rather than date out. I was on my third set, when I sold it…:wink:

sadly…being in rural farm lands…most roads here are laid out by the compass…quite free of squiggles, and turns…I have to drive an hour one way, to get to any that are “fun”. so most short drives are a bit mundane and easy on the tires. I would love to wear out some tires ! Nick

Testing new tyres has been postponed for a week. I been pinged by the U.K. NHS test and trace system and I’m going to have to self isolate for just over a week.

I might have to polish the car a bit instead.


That’s what I did yesterday while awaiting that big brown truck to deliver my new starter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Multiple therapies all at once:-
It occupies the mind
Keeps muscles and joints active
Avoids conflict elsewhere in the home
And it improves the value of a cherished asset.

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