New user, 2016 Premium

I just bought a 2016 XF v6 AWD from a dealer in Virginia. It should be delivered in a couple weeks.
Low mileage, Blue Premium.
I was on the Saloons forum here for 13 years, with an S type, and I have been driving an X Type Estate wagon for a few years in between. It has developed some minor quirks at 185k miles. All my years of tinkering with the S Type and other cars before that are wasted. I can not even find a spark plug on the X Type. I don’t expect ever to see where one is on the XF either.
I would have preferred a Shootingbrake, but all the used ones seem to be white or black, which does not interest me.
I will keep an eye on this forum and insert a comment or question once in a while.
I look forward to getting to know you all.
Peter J. Smith
Carson City, NV

Welcome to the XF forum Peter