New Video - Replacing the Lettering on the Engine Cover

Nice job here. I never knew Jaguar made those “re-lettering” stickers. Has anyone here? :confused: I wonder if Jag has something similar to re-do the lettering/decal on the (magnesium) valve cover of the X-300s ?

Replacing the lettering on the coil pack cover of a Jaguar XJR 308. - YouTube

by way of follow-up, I asked the YouTuber where he got that sticker … He said on Ebay, but currently no one has any. I’m thinking probably some smarty with a 3-D printer came up with it. :thinking:

I’ve had a local signwriter make up decals for my bike tanks; pretty sure any of them would be able to replicate a set of those stickers pretty easily.

Once they’ve got them on file, they could print them off at will.