New Web Address?

O.K., WHO changed it and didn’t give the members advanced notice of the upcoming change? :confused: :angry: Here I was not able to get on for several days, and was assuming the site was having some kind of technical problem. :thinking: Only found the new addy when I did a Google search of our name. :relieved:

There is not a new web address.

Somehow it must be … I have always used the same “favs” bookmark on my Google Chrome to access the page with the forums on it. Clicking on it now just pulls up an error message that the browser cannot connect to that web address. I was only able to locate JLers again by putting in the name on Google search and going to it manually. Originally it looks like it was showing as “” under the bookmark, but now is “”. ? :confused: How else could that happen?

Oh, I know what happened now.

First: We switched from to over 4 years ago, when we moved to this new software. It was an easy way to keep both sites online at the same time, but with different addresses. Dot org for the old, and dot com for the new.

I set up the old forum site,, to automatically redirect all web traffic to the new site, at However, about a day or so ago, the old site crashed, so the redirect no longer worked.

I was made aware of this earlier today, and managed to get the old site back up and running. But in the meantime, while it was down, any attempts to go to www or would have been met with a timeout message.

It’s back up now, but it would be best if you change your bookmark to the new address, just to be safe.


Will do, and thanks for explaining that “aberration”, Gunnar … I knew I wasn’t going crazy (at least not yet!) :crazy_face:


About a day or two ago, I could no longer access the site, via LTE, when I was away from my home WiFi.

Yesterday, it began working again.