New wheels won't get tight

I decided to try to mount my new wheels and knock offs. I made them as tight as I could but there’s still some play with the wheel on the spindle. I made the knock offs very tight using my 5 pound mallet cause I’m using old knock offs. The right wheel has quite a bit of play in it and the left wheel has not as much play but definitely some. This doesn’t make sense to me since the wheels are new Dayton wheels.

After looking more closely I can see that the wheel is not sitting all the way back against the spindle. On the front wheels it’s even worse I can hardly push them on even know I can tell they’re engaging the splines. I check the spindle spines and there doesn’t appear to be any damage. I don’t think it’s to bearings because all the bearings were replaced. It definitely does appear that the wheel is not going all away on the spindle But now matter how hard I hit them they won’t go on any further. I tried an original wheel and it has the same problem

Front or back? Are you sure the play is between the wheel and hub, or is it possibly wheel bearings? Did you refit the old wheels to compare?

OK, this is embarrassing. But I have to admit that the tires are hitting my lift and that’s why they will not go on any further in the front. The back one still have the issue of a little bit of play. That’s part of the problem with drinking too many beers while you’re working on the car in addition being 65 years old doesn’t help


If you assemble the rear bearings as described in the manual, you will have some free play in them - enough to feel if you wiggle the wheel.

“OK, this is embarrassing. But I have to admit tha…”
Ha-ha-ha, what an idiot!!
(I have to admit the same thing happened to me, and it took some time to realize it) The tire was bumping against the jack stand.
LLo… Joe

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I’ve done worse, much worse and I will leave it at that!

Back to more serious matters, the rear wheels still don’t seem to go all away flush against a flange of the spindle. It just doesn’t make any sense to me I can understand what’s keeping it from sliding all the way in period there doesn’t seem to be actual play in the spendall it seems to be between the wheels and the spindle. There is nothing on the spline stopping the wheel so I just don’t get it.

I’ll bet it’s your rubber bump stops.

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Beat me to it. Put a jack under the lower wishbone near the outer end and jack that side of the suspension up a bit. You won’t have to go far, maybe a couple of inches.

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Good point I’ll have to check the bump stops

Assuming you have both rear wheels in the air, put the transmission in neutral and you should be able to rotate the wheel. If it’s binding on something it won’t rotate…

Good thinking, I’ll give that a try.