New windscreen MK2 chrome strip not fitting

I am having a new windscreen installed on my 1963 MK2 along with a new headliner and other interior upholstery. The upholstery shop is having trouble getting the chrome trim strip to fit in the rubber seal. Has anyone had this trouble with new MK2 windscreens? Is there a workaround if the new windscreen is slightly bigger or different in some way that is causing the problem? Any help appreciated.

Look at my comment on the Mk10 windscreen installation

I have. I gave up and used self adhesive trim. Looked correct and was easy.

Thanks Tim, Where do you get self adhesive trim? Moss? Barrett?

I had a devil of a time getting mine to fit properly.
I ended up using trim adhesive to keep it in position, but still had small gaps.

I know the factory used adhesive to hold them on. I bought generic chrome trim from Amazon. I think it was 1/2" wide and had adhesive backing. I cleaned the rubber with isopropyl alcohol and brushed black weatherstrip adhesive on before I placed the trim on. I heated the trim where I had to form the bends in the corners. I did it in two halves like original

Hello Mark,

Did you have your chrome moldings stripped and re-plated while they were off the car? They are easily misshaped when the chrome is removed and the buffing wheel is applied. If the shape of your moldings is good and they follow the seal periphery nicely, you may need to resort to using an adhesive to keep them in place.

I recently restored a factory hardtop for our E-Type and my chrome moldings would not remain in the new rubber window seal in a couple locations. The cross-section profile of the E-Type moldings are identical to those on the MK2. I applied Loctite 48040 Black Instant Adhesive where the window seal contacts the edge of the chrome molding. A couple cautions here…This instant adhesive will turn your fingertips black should they come in contact with the adhesive. It is really hard to remove (ask me how I know). More importantly, you don’t want the adhesive to be visible on the chrome so I applied masking tape on the chrome to protect the finish from the adhesive when I applied it. I worked in small sections and it’s stayed in place so far.


Hi Tim, Was the chrome trim you purchased on Amazon plastic? You mentioned that it was necessary to heat and bend it at the corners.

Yes it is plastic

Hello Brian, The chrome was not re-plated. The car was literally a barn find and the exterior trim is all remarkably good. I will forward your advice and all the other helpful suggestions to my upholstery shop. Many thanks to all!