New windscreen Purchase

Hello friends
I need a recommendation to buy a new / used windshield for my 1988 coupe.
Im from israel so i’ll need oversea’s service…

Ha! Let me know what you find out! I need to do the same in the US! Could be difficult…

There are many used windscreen in junk yard in u.s.a
My problem is that the those places doesnt provide shipping

Try with new one from the manufacturer, you will get insured shipping and no customs problems, price in UK approx £400-500
Price in Poland approx £200
Prices exclude shipping

Do you know if they offer international shipping ?

Not sure - if not - you can arrange pickup yourself via big player like DHL/FedEx.

O.k thanks, i’ll try to connect them

Unless the company referenced offers one for w/shields that install with rubber gasket the one that was referenced will not fit the 88 model. The w/shield listed in your post is for the glue in w/shields.

Yes i notice that. The also have one for 88’ model

I notice in the archives a member mentioned Pilkington Glass for XJ-S.
I haven’t used them yet but was going to give them a try.

FYI Pilkington Classics in USA is now handles through Summit Racing

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Thanks John, they seem reasonably priced as well.

Great find. When I find a windshield installer who can do old seals, I’ll steer them to this place.

Excellent! :slight_smile:

Oh my… And what is wrong with old seals?

You can take the windscreen out and put it back again. Without an effort. Piece of string plastic pry bar and red grease are your tools.

Try the same with modern glued one and you have 50% chsnce of success. To decrease success rate - modern manufacturers use “special” comb inserts to make sure your wire won’t do the job…

nothing is wrong with them, i just have 0 experience, and many other windshield people don’t know either.


You need a foreigner for this job. Preferably from countries with national debt to US / during transition to enforced democracy. They are usually forced to do this twice a year assuming they ignore the bullet holes outside of driver’s line of sight.

Have a look here, same rules apply:

The only difference is rubber locking strip that must be pulled out from the outside (from inclusion in the middle of the seal) to allow what’s under the link.
People are usually struggling as they tend to lubriate seal with soap, hand lotion, dildo gel and other crap, then ending up with inch of seal too long at finishing point.

Nah, there’s an old VW place down the street with vintage Bugs, Vans and Things. They’ll know how or direct me to someone who knows how.