New Wiring Harnesses?

Hi Guys,

LTNS on this forum … I’m writing for a friend of mine who wrote me about a friend of his who owns a '96 X-300. Sounds like somehow a tech messed up on jump starting her cat and ended up causing the battery, a lot of the wiring harness, and even the computer to get fried. :sob: My friend, who is a former vintage Jag owner himself, opines that possibly the tech, caused the disaster by connecting the negative jumper directly to the battery’s negative post instead of to a ground inside the vehicle. I admit I believe I had done that mistakenly before to my '96 X-300, “Scrapper”, back when I had her, although she suffered no ill effects as a result. I’m wondering if what really happened is that the tech got the battery terminals mixed up. :crazy_face:

Anyway, my friend asked me if I know of any source online for new or rebuilt replacement harnesses for X-300s. It seems I remember seeing one of the usual suspects selling them a long time back, but can’t recall which one. Anyone know? :confused:

That’s a reverse polarity scenario right there, fried ECU, BTDT on my banger XJ40.

Perhaps a used set from a bone yard? Jaguar Heaven in California has always been helpful for me. Even in the littlest of need like a injector clip… But I see you are not in the States.

I am, unless Texas has seceded or something ? :smile: