New X Type Owner saying Hi

Hi there,

Thought I’d say hi and introduce myself.

Reading based.

Bought my X Type Estate last July and its cool.
(Am also a Rover 75 Auto Diesel owner).

55 plate Black 2.2D Sport 6 speed Manual so nice and peppy (well mine is anyway :+1:) cruise, satnav, folding mirrors, leather and generally in nice condition baring a few scuffs. Only thing its missing I think are heated seats and heated screen.

Got the normal problems it seems, bubbling waist trims, failed headlight adjusters, oil leak (power steering), had to have a spot of cill welding for MOT but nothing to really upset the fun :grinning:.

So a few summer trips to the garage to get the niggles dealt with, then a touch up of the paint and hope for many miles and smiles and maybe a retrofit of heated seats and screen if they are jobs that can be done, maybe even a jagdroid if I ever feel flush.

Laurence aka Pob


Well, welcome, Pob!

I know absolutely nothing about your model with Jaguar, but you got my attention when you wrote…

I am glad I am no longer the sole fool on Jag Lovers who owns a Rover!

I have a few X-types (all petrol, all with AWD). They are good cars, but they are still Jaguars (high maintenance). They are really nice driving cars, and if you don’t mind all the little things here and there, they are worth the work. Where are you located; you mentioned seat warmers. I live in Alaska, and I have heated seats in one of my cars. In true Jaguar fashion, they are ‘heated’ seats, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are truly warm when it is actually cold. I bought some inexpensive aftermarket heated seat cushions that are much more useful. I can feel the heat through thick pants and a coat, where the ‘stock’ heated seats aren’t noticeable. Some Beamtech H1 LED bulbs will really brighten up the high beam lights. They are one of the only H1 LED bulbs that will fit the metal mounting base of the X-Type.

Hi Pob. Welcome to Jag Lovers. Swing by the Pub or Lounge for discussions about many things.

I have an 04 X Type Estate, that I use as my daily driver. I have the heated windscreen and the heated seats. I have to disagree with kassaq on the heated seats as I find that even on a cold day even on the low setting, the seat gets too hot and I need to turn the seat heater off after a couple of minutes. The heated windscreen is great and will melt exterior ice off. Also useful on misty days to keep the windscreen defogged. The only problem is rock chips and cracks can break the wires, resulting in vertical, undefrosted sections. This was a problem I had on all my previous Jaguars.

The all wheel drive makes it a great ski car. It came with a Jaguar roof rack. The rack is made by Thule, so all the Thule accessories will fit. You can get the rack and fittings keyed the same, so one key will fit everything.

If you have any questions, post them here.

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You will enjoy this car, Have mine for 4 years now.
As long as you maintain it periodecly with everything it needs.