New X-Type owner

I wanted to say hello.
I just put money down on a 2005 X-Type sedan. The car has 31,900+ original miles on it. The interior smells as new, the underside is spotless. I needed a car due to my 2000 XK8 being damaged beyond where I want to repair it, two weeks ago, due to a careless driver cutting a corner short and ramming into me as I sat stopped at a stop sign. All I could do was sit and watch as her hit me.
I am having the AC checked and think the issue is either refrigerant or the control valve.
Is there anything else that I should be aware of ? BTW, the car has been fully maintained to this point.

Welcome to the world of X Types. I have an 04 Wagon and came here much the same way as you. My 98 XK8 was totaled by the insurance co., after someone backed into me. An important thing to ensure is fitted is the cooling scoop for the transmission/transfer case. This can be taken off for a service then and forgotten about. On the same note, the cover on top of the engine can retain heat and my mechanic advises to remove it. The engine bay is tight and cooling is a concern.

I have a couple X-types as my daily drivers. I commute a total of 90 miles a day, most days of the week. They are fantastic cars IF maintained regularly and closely. There are a LOT of “O” ring seals in the cooling system, so keep a close eye on them, as they don’t seem to age well when bumped or disturbed at all. The transfer case oil needs to be monitored. On the whole, if well kept, they are worth the trouble.

Thank you for the welcome.
I have done extensive research on the X-Type, reading many threads here on the forum. I am really excited to gain possession of it and take it out for a drive with my wife.
The test drive went well with the exception of the AC not blowing cold. I have a feeling it is the problem is the compressor valve spring. The current owner is taking care of that. Otherwise I am hopefully the car is as it seems. The current owner has just replaced the battery, fuel pump and controller.
I will report back after some time with the car.