New XK120 OTS/Roadster seat squab

After searching far and wide I found a single set of seat squabs - got them shipped through a friend back to US from the UK only to discover they are DHC.

Does anyone know where to source the squabs or have a drawing and some photos (or could you take some) so I can manufacture a set?

Desperate to get the interior completed :slight_smile:


I have seat backs/squabs for the XK120 roadster but there are 2 types early/most have a deep curved back but very late 120 roadsters were available with flat backs as per XK140 roadster. Send me an email with pics of what you have regards terry

Squab usually refers to the bottom part of the seat that pulls out. If that is what you mean, the roadster and FHC/DHC are the same . If you mean the backrest of the seat, Terry is correct there are 2 early and late styles. You can easily modify the DHC/FHC backrest by inserting the roadster outer bracket.
What year is your car ? I may have a pair.

Left is DHC/FHC outer bracket. Right is for roadster

Late roadster backrests.

Alloy and early steel car backrests.

The top piece of timber is different between FHC DHC and roadster. In fact there are otherdifference as well inc height
Best to send pic of what you have

Hi Ray
I have a set of OTS seat squabs laying around… Just PM me if you are still looking for them.
Best Regards

Hi Lucas:

If you have the seat hinges ('52 OTS) I am definitely interested -

Your have a Rover too? We have a 1970 SIIA 88" - love my truck but anxious to get this 30 year restoration completed :slight_smile:

If you have any photos of the hinge/seat assembly I haven’t found much useful detail on the upholstering…

Many many thanks!!



If youi have a pair that would be fantastic! I few people seem to be willing to help and I really appreciate it.

I have an early steel (52 OTS) project nearing project completion.

Thank you so much,


When I had my seat done recently we found a difference in the bottom of the cusion. For whatever reason there are some with a round section like this and some w/o. Maybe these images will help ID what you have. I was not able to use these.

I think we need to establish bottoms and backs and forget squabs

I have bottoms, pans (maybe those are squabs?), frames, backs, wooden components, foam & leather - I think the hinges and pivot bolts are all I am missing (my son was going to make polished stainless bolts for me as well).

Hi Ray
Thank you for your message and yes I have Rover virus too :see_no_evil: a 1949 Series one and a 1986 100 Inch Defender/Range Rover Hybrid…
I work remotely this week but at the weekend I will take some pictures of the squabs.
They are modified for an early steel OTS with chromed hinge parts but can get painted if needed. I bought them by mistake - our XK is a very early steel body with the same seat backs as the aluminium cars had…
I will send you the pictures ASAP

Best Regards

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This metal plate for XK120 seat bottom is for a later XK120

This moulded foam cushion is more suited to XK140 150 that has a circular dip in tray under bottom cushion. You can get them with totally flat bottom which suit XK120

As noted on another thread these cushion are not suitable to use as is they are to firm/solid and you need to put in some holes like this and as per the Dunlopillo cushions original fitted had

Uploading: 883a1a774503e8e1568e793c1587bc593bb6dd75.jpeg…

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