Newbie from nz xjr8

Hi folks new member here from new Zealand own a xjr8 in aquamarine. most probably posted in the wrong place someone may be able to redirect me.

Also on the hunt for some asteroid wheels around the LA, CA area if anyone can help cheers.


I’m new too, but think this is the right place :slight_smile: What a stunning XJR, the colour is superb.

Hi Rowan yes you are in the correct forum, and welcome to both of you. Can’t help with the asteroids as I need all four for my ‘99 XJR in Antiqua. How come you are looking for wheels in the states?

Antigua blues a lovely colour never seen that colour on a xjr in nz. Have searched hi and low in nz, looking in the UK, have sourced a good rate out of the states seems to be more getting parted out over there.

I think I must have the only one😀 seems to get commented on everytime I’m at an event.

You never no Robin. Seems alot of the kiwi new ones were just standard colours. Uk cars seem to cover most of the more rarer colours

True mine was a UK import.