Newby presents himself

Hello Jag-lovers, my name is Ed and I’m new to the world of Jaguar. Read lot’s about them on this forum and in the Literature I could find. I followed my dad’s advise and found two Jag Mechanics first and bought the two best Jag’s I could find. Unfortunately he passed away seven years ago, but sometimes I think he’s still around and travels with me in the '86 Jaguar XJ SC that came to us three Months ago. I must thank Lawrence and his Mechanic from Calgary Canada, for the great job they did on the car prior to my Purchase. It gave me a head start, but now I’m on my own. Today I had to overcome the first hick up of the car, the Superb British Product called Lucas also known as King of Darkness failed me and the car wouldn’t cranck. Fortunately I joined this Jag-lovers forum and was able to pin the problem down to a faulty Starter Relay. So I was able to drive it again today and since no Peaces have fallen of I will continue to do so.


Sounds great Ed.
Welcome to the forum and great job of reporting back about problem solved