Newly available EFI unit for V12s from Mobeck Tekniske possibly ready for production

Just a few picks of Mobeckc / Tenske’s V12 Electronic Fuel Injection computer kit that hit my Facebook News feed. I’ve known this was in the works for several months but it looks like they’re ready to make these available. I have no info on costs etc, but check out the Mobeck Tekniske Facebook page if you want to ask questions. I know it eliminates much of the vacuum control sprawl in favor of ONE electronic idle control valve, replaces the injectors with modern units, rewires under the hood easily, and replaces the ignition amp.

~Paul K.


Very interesting. It will be interesting to see the price and what options become available. I love the ecu cover👍

Doubt it will be below USD 4000 considering the content of the kit.

If it’s that much it better come with a near perfect tune pre loaded. Even then i would still go with a megasquirt MS3+ and control both timing and fuel.

Someone should make a base map for the V12 and sell MS3’s preloaded with them. You do the wiring but the tune is all sorted out.

I don’t think this thing is aimed at those who would choose an MS3+ for the most part. This is aimed, it appears to me, at someone in seek of some simplicity in getting a perhaps not-road-worthy V12 car back on the road, or one that is clearly in need of service in the EFI arena. This is the type of system, that perhaps with good instructions, is the kind of thing one could hand to a good mechanic and say install this and get my car going… or someone who’s really not wiring-handy but DIY enough to do R&R type replacements.

Sure an MS3+ is a great box, even if having become a bit pricey with it’s fame, and now professionally supplied, but it’s also totally overkill capacity wise for a simple EFI resurrection. Its certainly a good box for making major mods. It would also take someone like Mobeck/Tekniski to see a market for that box + wiring kit + instructions etc w/o having total control over the product… and that’s not a thing that’s currently available.

Any thoughts on pricing has to factor in that almost ALL of these cars could use a new EFI harness at this point, and swapping injectors MIGHT both boost efficiency (we’ll see) and not be a big multiple of having the OEM injectors fully rebuilt. It has a one-and-done feel to it that hopefully pans out, and will be attractive and helpful to many owners.

~Paul K.

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Oh don’t get me wrong I am excited that someone is making EFI parts. But if its 4k plus that is a little much. But i suppose the demand will be low so they would have to make it expensive to be worth it. If only this engine was a popular as the LS engine. Holley makes a plug and play kit that does fuel and spark for 1k.

IDK about that 4K estimate.

I’ve seen repo EFI harnesses built by others being sold at between $400 and $500 - this one clearly a bit more complex… 12 injectors - anything between $50 and $100 each. Say $800 just to throw something out there… $600 for the EFI box (if cheap)… $50 for the electronic aav. $60 in sensors. $4000 isn’t out of the ball park, but neither is something in the mid to high $2000’s. Bundles can be cheaper…

~Paul K.

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Might also be a good plan for repairing a car after an engine fire.

Do we know which engines it will work on? 5.3 and 6.0? Marelli and Lucas? Pre-H.E. and H.E.? Presumably it won’t work on the early carb engines unless the intake manifolds are replaced.

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If its in the 2k ballpark then I think it will sell very well. hell I might consider it for the ease of install. Wonder if they will let you tune it yourself or will the Map be “locked”

I gotta presume there are sensors needed. Perhaps the OEM crank sensor on the Marelli could be used, but there’s no such animal on the Lucas. So would it use the pickup inside the Lucas distributor? Along with the original centrifugal and vacuum advance mechanisms?

Kirbert, AFAIK he’s got a pre-HE map and a Lucas HE map with more (hopefully) to come.

I think the issue partially is connecting to the distributor. It’s not an ignition control box yet even though it has a replacement AMP. So for the moment, Marelli isn’t adapted.

It’s also largely meant to help clean up the V eliminating bunches of vacuum routing.

Per his post:

  • Jaguar V12 bolt on EFI system soon to be released.
  • Everything you need to make your V12 run perfect.
  • 12 new modern Injectors with Ethanol resistant hoses
  • 2 new temp sensor, water and air, with correct threads
  • 1 electronic controlled Idle regulator
  • 1 new map sensor
  • 1 new coil and coil driver/amplifier
  • 1 programmed ecu with fuses and relays
  • everything terminated with correct connectors
  • Plug and play

many options: Lambda/o2 sensor, Stage one tuning program with air cleaner inlets, Flex fuel sensor, traction control, cruise control, fan control and more to come in the future.

Throw away the old injectors that either leak or don’t open, throw away the idle control valve and mount the included blanking plate, remove all vacuum lines for the distributor, no more solenoid problems and old defective sensors. Throw away the old ignition amplifier system. No more white smoke, high or low idle, running on 11 cyl, high fuel consumption due to defective vacuum system.

You only connect the lead going to the +12v on the battery and engine ground lead on the inlet manifold. Everything else is terminated with correct connectors that fit the distributor, throttle position sensor, taco, ign lead and fuel relay.

Can’t be simpler and more complete than this.

Send me a note if you need this and i include you in the planning of the next production.


~Paul K

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I do see ensuring the Distro is in good shape has to be a strongly worded part of the instructions.


4K just my guess after fitting quite a few MS boxes on V12 over the years… you can of course do it very cheap using low cost items but would you like to retail that???


Your guess turns out to be pretty good. They’ve updated their post to reflect they expect the kit to be around 37,000 Krona, which is right in that ballpark. The Bosch injectors are apparently a big chunk in that.

That clearly narrows the market for their product, but it’s a positive development non the less.

~Paul K.

Omex and KWE also have something but I’m not sure of the details.

The omex ecu is about USD1100 excluding vat.

37000 Norwegian Krona is a about $4200.

Considering what that’s likely to do to the market for this kit, those injectors must be really important.

Regarding the ignition, I have full control of the ignition map, and you dont need to install a cranktrigger, just connect to the distibutor, and throw avay all the vacum lines.
The important thing here is to have a system that is super easy to fit and makes the engine run like intended from Jaguar. Many people will start talking of real cheap ecu’s and they did this and that. Thiat is fine. But here I have real control of everything, and everything is new. No old dried out sensors or 9 old lousy injector that could be saved and 3 new rather expensive ones.
Guesswork is out.

Best regard
Ole Mobeck

Those “cheap” ECU’s can control more for less money… and they use new sensors from GM, which are cheap and reliable. While I do agree that this kit will be easy to fit I dont think it does anything “new” that cant be done with a little more effort for much cheaper with the same or more control with MS3’s or even Haltechs or other well known brands.