Newly-Restored 1954 Jaguar XK-120SE Open Two Seater (“OTS”) Roadster (M-Model)

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My father, a Jaguar enthusiast since the new purchase of his first (E-type) in 1969, had a hobby of restoring Jaguars to their former glory. This one, completed just before his death, was his last project and is now up for sale. A majority of this text is his own writing.

A beautifully restored ‘54 Jaguar XK-120 Open Two Seater (OTS) in the classic colors of British Racing Green (exterior), Suede Green (interior) & tan soft top.

This is a “Special Equipment” or “M” model (with high-lift cams, stronger suspension and wire wheels, 3.4 liter engine and 4-speed manual gearbox). Numbers match the original data plate and the JDHT Certificate. This remarkable vehicle is one of only 6436 left-hand drive OTSs built during the entire XK-120 production run. Its chassis number is the 273rd last OTS built, as indicated by its flat horn-push and curved parking brake handle. Per the chassis & body serial numbers, it is a steel body.

It was built July 23, 1954 and shipped to the United States in August to Charles Hornburg Jaguar in Los Angeles. This particular car was in outstanding body and mechanical condition, making it an excellent candidate for restoration.


The utterly complete and thorough restoration included…
• New front suspension rubber bushings
• New front & rear suspension rebound bumpers
• New GAZ front shocks
• New rear shock link arms
• New upper & lower ball joints
• New wheel bearings and seals
• New rear spring leather gaiters
• New tires and tubes (4)
• New chrome knockoffs

• New brake wheel cylinders (front and rear)
• New brake dual master cylinder
• New brake stop light switch
• New brake lines
• New brake hoses

Fuel System & Cooling:
• New fuel tank
• New fuel tank sender
• New in-tank fuel filter
• New fuel pump
• Rebuilt Carburetors with Grose-Jet Valves
• New Air Filters
• Re-cored radiator
• Rebuilt Water pump
• New thermo-controlled electric auxiliary cooling fan

• New pistons, rings and pins (6) (+030)
• New main and rod bearings (+010)
• New small end bushings
• New valve springs
• New oil pump (rare)
• New tappet hold-down set (Inlet and exhaust)
• New timing chain, guide and tensioner
• New gaskets, seals and pilot bushing
• New starter & dynamo brushes
• New clutch: (drive plate, driven plate, release bearing)
• Resurfaced flywheel
• Rebuilt Harmonic damper
• Re-porcelained exhaust manifolds

Interior, Etc:
• New cloth insulated wiring harnesses (as per original)
• New tri-bar headlamps
• New Lucas driving lights
• New tail lights
• New Original Specification Jaguar Interiors convertible soft top
• New OSJI interior kit
• New weather-stripping throughout
• New Bell stainless steel exhaust system
• Extensive chrome re-plating
• New 12-volt battery (easily returned to twin 6-volt units, if desired)
• New Baltic birch floor boards
• New Baltic birch boot boards
• New bumpers (front & rear)
• New windscreen glass & rubber
• New screen washer unit
• Rebuilt Clock (it actually works)

This car is located in Cincinnati, OH, has a clear Ohio title, and comes with the Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, tool roll, side curtains (in original storage bag) and a DVD of over 300 pictures before, during & after restoration as well as scans of receipts. Listed mileage was about 55,000 before restoration. I will gladly ship worldwide and have done so in the past.

This link has lower resolution photos of the restoration:

Here is a YouTube link to a brief video of the car:

Email, or call with any and all questions: 513-474-5818. If you get voicemail, leave a message & I’ll call you back ASAP. If you are seriously considering purchasing this car, I also suggest buying a cheap airline ticket to come see it in person here in Cincinnati.


PLEASE make an offer on this car ONLY if you are serious about owning it and have the funds available! My asking price is $149,500 (USD) OBO. Payment can be made via cash (will entertain BTC/ETH as well, for a surcharge due to Crypto volatility), certified bank check, or wire transfer. Payment will be due in full within 7-days of purchase agreement, and a $1,000 non-refundable down payment is required within 24-hours of purchase. Obviously, this beauty is sold “as is, where is” with no warranty expressed or implied…it is, after all, a 68-year-old car! :slight_smile:

As mentioned, I’ll gladly ship worldwide. Buyer is responsible for all shipping, transport costs, and/or customs details, though I’ll happily work with any auto transport firm of the buyer’s choosing.

The asking price is most reasonable for such a sought-after classic in this condition. The iconic Jaguar XK-120 Roadster, the most desirable and fun of all versions of the XK-120! Few investments compare with classic cars for future growth as well as immediate pleasure of ownership.


On a personal note: This beauty was lovingly and painstakingly restored by my father’s hands! He had restored over a dozen 50s & 60s classic Jags over the years. He truly loved them and considered them unique in the auto spectrum. He purchased his first Jaguar brand new in 1969 (XK-E) and owned it for the rest of his life!

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

Price lowered to $134,500…

Price lowered to $109,500…

Price lowered to $99,500…

appears to be a very nice, sound car…I think the price now is in the low range for the car, …just depends on the right buyer who wants one…wants this one…in this color. The list of what has already been done is extensive…if it all checked out…I can’t think of what this car would need…says tires are new as well…

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I believe it has new tires as well, they show no real use on them - this was the text from his initial write-up, that I just carried over.

Any recommendations on where else to list it, to increase its visibility?

@Confused1 … soon, my friend, soon!

Have you heard of the Bring-a-Trailer online auction site?
Here is a link to their website:
It is a popular site for selling collectible cars. You should check it out.


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I agree, Bring-a-trailer BAT, would be the ideal platform for selling this car. To get an idea of the values these cars bring on this site you can do a search on completed auctions by make and model. The cost of listing the car is only $99 and a reserve can be set. After watching these auctions for a couple years, this make and model in particular, the current ask of $100k is a real bargain. The buyer pays a 5% premium. BAT plays a huge part in writing the listing and people generally load hundreds of pictures, cold start videos, and driving videos. For best results the seller needs to stay engaged with the comments/questions. Those making comments can be extremely critical, Porsche and BMW commenters can be particularly brutal, Jag auctions are more civil.
I have sold a couple of BMWs on this site, however, I consigned the cars, will worth the 10% fee.
On a different note, is the horn button on the subject car correct, I must replace the horn button on my 1954 120SE and want to get the correct one.
Good luck with the sale.


BaT…take some studying…look at other 120s and cars for sale…see how they list…and read the comments…that will help list in its best form. Of course ebay sales, Hemmings and other similar. As I said I think it is worth more than 100K.

as to horn button the very late 1954 XK120s had the flat horn button…Those on forum list will tell you quickly what month and numbers…and what else to look for…in production changes for your chassis number…so list that.

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Thanks Nick, for the horn button info.

Another site that should be explored is the Hagerty market place. It is a relatively new effort by Hagerty, but definitely an option that could be explored. The nice thing about BAT and to a lesser degree Hagerty, is the international exposure your auction gets, folks following BAT are discerning buyers who begin their day reviewing the new auctions of the day.


Paul N. is correct in suggesting you list your car professionally with “Bring A Trailer” etc if you want to get the “real” value of the car! If you think you will get a realistic value from a forum, you will be tremendously disappointed! Example. I had a 1997 Jaguar XJ6 VP with 33,000 original miles. I was offered and told by several forum members, "the car would never be worth more than $4500 because it was “just an old Jaguar”! The car sold professionally for $16,500! Good luck! You have an awesome XK120 that will demand a realistic value to a true enthusiast! It’s almost as pretty as my XK140! Just kidding!


This is a great looking car and in my opinion a Bargain at only $100k. Love the colour.

Unfortunately we pay massive import duties to bring cars here to Australia, otherwise I would be interested.

I also agree - Bring a Trailer can be a good selling method.
Some sales can be more successful than others though - the best results occur when the car is well presented, history is given, questions are answered etc.

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Don’t let the duties stop you. :wink: