Newly restored XK150S video

This just in. Richard Hammond’s modified XK150 coupe fresh out of the shoo.

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Hi Nick:

Great stuff! Couple of observations: The artist in me would paint the end of that auxiliary fan black so it didn’t show so obviously through the grille bars, and two, I wonder how come there is such a large gap between the chrome spring and the knurled adjuster on the steering column? Further on the aesthetic front, I always thought the 150 looked better sans bumpers.


nice video and commentary…makes a great case for making a car into what YOU want it to be without straying too far. I like the stance, the black wires, the sans bumpers. If there is a “heresy” it would be the louvres. Love to see his excitement and passion for the car. Nick

Interesting that he is contemplating reverting to the Moss box.

seems the new gearbox he has is not as nice as some that are available…Nick

Love it!

I love the pastel colours they used back then.


I’m more particular toward the metallic pastels of the earlier 120s, but this dove grey 150 I like.