Nice xj6 on Jay Leno Garage featured in video

always liked the 2 door xj6 this looks like a sweet one

THe link…

Id like to see Jay do a video on a Classic Jag restored e type or a Eagle etype, I mean they do Singer why not the Jags

What do you mean? He has as far as I know done his two XK’s, his two (?) E’s, one or two E’s from others, the XJC and a few newer exotics, and maybe an SS.
Are you talking Mark 1 thru 9? :slightly_smiling_face:

Like this?

wrong, I would like to see and get his opinion on classic jaguars and eagles cars, do they drive and go as good as they look. see this type of review on Porsche all the time,

Removed; same text below again because I’m not sure whether it was me again messing up the answer function; I think it’s me. Sorry.

Ohhh, I get you.
The JLR classic restaurations and the Eagle. Yes, that would be cool, maybe they’ll bring something over to his garage some day, I’d like that too. Sorry! That makes sense now that I read it again.
Would make for some publicity too, I imagine.

Thanks for posting. Is it ok to hate someone that scored the car you would die for? It looks to be in good hands though. (little bastard!).:cry:
I wonder how they ended up with a Jag that has the euro bumpers in the good 'ol USA in 1975? God they look nice!!

Interesting that the vynil roof has been removed.

A HUUUGE improvement!

The biglyest!