Nicely done, Mr. Callum!

(Paul Wigton) #1

Not ever been a fan of Mk IIs, or really red interiors, but…C’est la vie! The car is nicely done, and I REALLY like the center exhausts.

I also HIGHLY approve of moving the rear brakes outboard, where they always should have been.

2018: The Year in Review
(Jag-ur) #2

here is a ‘classic’ example of why Jaguar is going down the tubes in design… Mr Callum just doesn’t understand the classic Jaguar legacy… and why it is so important. Want a hot rod? buy a Chev. This should be added to the list of ugliest XKs. BTW just how did he find his job with Jaguar… didn’t anyone else apply ?

(Paul Wigton) #3

You certainly should have: with your guidance, Jaguar could be number one, again, in the whole world!!


(Jag-ur) #4

You are right… I should have… it’s where it should be. and I would have been proud to be part of the team that put it there.

(Paul Wigton) #5


I wonder why, if that really was the case, with all the “ugly,” modern-design Jaguars he had to choose from… he chose one of Jaguar’s most iconic designs?

The current generation of car buyers wouldn’t be able to pick out his updated homage, from a dead-stock original one.


(Jag-ur) #6

and boulderise it. Homage ??? how about abortion. This isn’t ‘style’ it is an atrocity. Want to emulate George Barris… go for it… but don’t call it a homage. Bill Lyons was once quoted as saying ‘ I build a car I like… and would be glad to sell you one’ Callum doesn’t seem to understand the ‘time honoured tradition’ BTW I understand even the Chinese don’t want them now. There is something about ‘British style’ which evolved over the decades which is uniquely British… something akin to understated elegance… show me the understated elegance of the current line up . Aston gets is , Bentley gets it, RR in its inimitable way gets it… even Morgan gets it… Jaguar builds ‘units’

(Andrew Waugh) #7

I don’t think it’s nicely done.

As a matter of fact, I think it’s ruined a Mark 2.

(TheoSoares) #8

Wow, tell us how y’all really feel!

I on the other hand thing this thing is badass. But I’m 32 years old and like personalized cars with attitude and style, and have no personal interest in originality. So personal preference.

(phillip keeter) #9

What the hell happened to the bumpers?! Have you no sense of decency?

(Jag-ur) #10

Theo to that extent I am in total agreement… but to call this ‘creation’ a homage is a travesty. Don’t get me wrong here I have absolutely no quarrel with someone doing what they wish with their car… but this guy is supposed to be the head of the design department of Jaguar and should conduct himself publically accordingly.

(Paul Wigton) #11


(Paul Wigton) #12

Clearly you have no grasp of what a real Jaguar should look like, or be… callow yoot.

(Now, where’s that tongue in cheek emoji?)


In all seriousness, yours is the generation who will make or break Jaguar’s future, a fact I am sure Ian Callum is very aware of.

(ronbros) #13

HEY Guys , i see these new generation people really like my car,XJS hot rod, but the old fashioned guys JUST dont get it!!!

they are still trying to return to the WOMB!

(phillip keeter) #14

Don’t remember any Jaguars in there but there may have been a talking VW bug.

(Jag-ur) #15

and your point is ??? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it ?

(Jag-ur) #16

that is NOT the issue for me… evolution is fine Revolution is fine…following like a sheep is NOT fine. walk around a mall parking lot today … I’ll put money on it that at a glance most folks couldn’t distinguish a Jaguar form any other model out there… This is my issue. Without the emotion that went with the purchase of a new Jaguar… what’s the difference ? Where’s the incentive? I might as well buy a Lexus… a lot cheaper and generally more reliable.

(David Jauch) #17

I don’t like it either, but it is a Jaguar, it is „his“ Jaguar and he has every right to do with it whatever he seems fit. No, in fact I hate it but that doesn’t change that we are talking about it, and so will others and that brings new publicity that another picturesque Mk2 might not have achieved.

What I want to know is how the twin carb, 4.3 (sic) XK with 260 DIN hp came to be.

(Jag-ur) #18

upload picturesque MkII let’s see what happens

(David Jauch) #19

I meant to say another 100 point Mk2 which I find would look much better. It is 1 am and that is what I meant to say.

(Paul Wigton) #20

260 DIN/1.0139 = 253 hp SAE: sounds fairly accurate.