Nisonger speedometer update

from Nisonger speedometer website: Sept. 2nd Nisonger’s facility was buried under 6’ of water as Hurricane Ida passed through the New York area. A substantial portion of our irreplaceable repair parts inventory along with numerous pieces of Test Equipment were damaged or destroyed. After lengthy consideration, we do not feel that we will be able to provide the level of repair and restoration service going forward for which we have become so well-known and respected, thus:

Effective October 15th, Nisonger Instruments will devote its full efforts to the Sale of Classic Smiths & Smiths OEM Replacement Gaugers for the AC/Shelby Cobra’s & GT40’s. Pease note that the GT40 range has been newly expanded to include 270° Sweep Electric Water and Oil Temp Gauges which eliminate the troublesome/fragile Capillary Tubes used by their mechanical counterparts plus a 270° Sweep Electric Oil Press. Gauge which eliminates the necessity of the lengthy Oil Press. Line required by its mechanical counterpart.

COMING NOVEMBER 1st is a newly available line of OEM replacement Gauges for the Series I, II & II E-Type Jaguars as well as for the Triumph TR2/3.

The Series I E-Type Amps, Fuel, Temp & Oil Pressure Gauges are exact replacements for the original Gauges utilizing the original Graphics and are fitted with correct OEM Black Full V Bezels. The troublesome “Thermal Movement” of the original Oil Press. Gauge however has been upgraded to a modern “Air Core Movement” and the Gauge comes complete with a matching Sender. For those who have upgraded to an Alternator or just want better information about their charging system, a Lucas Voltmeter (that perfectly matches the original Ammeter) is also available.

The series II & III Fuel, Volt and Temp Gauges are also exact replacements and a 100 PSI Oil Press Gauge (also featuring a modern-day Air Core Movement) and matching Sender are available as replacements for the 80 PSI OEM Oil Press. Gauge. These Gauges also utilize the Original Graphics and are fitted with the correct OEM Black Half Round Bezels.

Surprisingly these Series I, II, & II E-Type replacements are priced competitively with the current cost of rebuilding an original gauge making them the ideal for a replacement of most original gauges that are usually in need of both a functional as well as a cosmetic rejuvenation and they are available exclusively from “The Source”, Nisonger Instruments.

Just like the originals, the Tr2/3 replacement Gauges all carry the correct “British Jaeger” Logo’s, are fitted with Domed Glass & Chrome Full V Bezels and carry all of the correct original Part Numbers. These new replacements are also priced competitively with the current cost of rebuilding an original Gauge making them the ideal replacement for most TR2/3 Gauges that are usually in need of both a functional as well as a cosmetic rejuvenation.

Both the E-Type and TR2/3 replacement Gauges are currently in transit to us and will be available for shipment to our customers in mid-November


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Thanks: that is a shame.

It will be interesting to see how exact these replacements are.

Well I have in my primrose all the replacements
Minus the amp
They are exact with the exception no blue or green filters!
So for me it’s perfect
I will call on speedo and tach!

Did you replace the speedo and tach?…… the other guages?
Can you post a photo of the centre guages please

They didn’t make them yet I’m hoping now they do….

This is actually the second time this happened to them. Their old site was flooded by the little channelized stream that flows through, under and around that industrial section. They moved a couple of blocks away, and the office was higher off the ground. Still got 'em. Weather is getting worse every year. That entire area is due for some sort of flood control.

I noticed that they now offer a replacement oil pressure gauge/sender set that is not based on the oldbi-metalic element design that has been such a failure and caused many to opt for mechanical gauges. I don’t know the price but regardless it has to be better than replacing the sender or gauge every so often or going through installing a mechanical unit. Might be worth looking into.

Richard Liggitt

Providing your faces are in excellent condition have them refurbed I wouldn’t bother with the replacements ……you’ll be disappointed!..… I know !

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Cant imagine why that’d be.


Expecting lot a rain here this summer….about every 10 years a really wet summer….

Who has them though?

I recently had my Series 1 gauges totally restored by West Valley Instruments. They recommended and I accepted the “new” oil pressure gauge, in lieu of trying to salvage my original one. I have received the lot from them. All look very good and the new OP gauge looks quite the same as the other original gauges.

They are fine!
It’s the tach and speedo!

That has been my experience with repro Smiths mechanical/capillary gauges too.

Would have spent less money, and ended up with a better product if I’d sourced an original, and had it rebuilt.

I can’t speak for repro vs original electronic gauges.

He just called me…supposedly the NEW NEW NEW speedo and Tach will look original and production will start around feb 2022
Lets see…