No AC blower on 87 series 3

No blower operation with or without air conditioning. On a hot day, the ac quit blowing any air, then came back on for a few seconds and then quit for good. Sounds like a relay, but I need suggestions about where to look. There is no air blowing. period. This the third jag for my wife & I, so we’re confirmed jag lovers. Can anyone help?

Relay pack is behind the left panel where the brittle footwell vent is. Brown is always live unfused.

The first step is invariably the 50A fan fuse, Bob…

A general problem is that with the high current; a bad connection developing over time will overheat and distort the fuse holder itself - and eventually detach the wiring. The fuse itself may of course be just blown, to be changed - but otherwise; it’s advisable to to remove the fuse holder for inspection.

If need be; replacing the fuse holder is an option - or fitting a separate inline fuse, a not uncommon remedy.

There are other subtle faults giving the same symptoms - if the 15A AC amp blows there is no fan action. But start with the fuse/fuse holder; either fuse may have blown…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

The ignition protection relay could be faulty too. Does the heated backlight work?