No clutch fans on xjs?

Older cars never had fan clutches… then about 50 years ago they were everywhere… Just out of curiosity… What if the xjs did not have them… Has anyone went “clutchless”?

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Take a look at Bernard Embden’s site. He eliminated the clutch on his car.


Clutch fan history goes back to history full of gore and blood spatters.
As you probably know - older cars were not reaching 6k rpms easily.
Also, this type of solution was taking off the performance of the engine and lifespan of everything it was mounted to.
If you want, you can easily get rid of clutching by drilling few equi-spaced holes in the enclosure and packing few small bolts through it. Just make sure you have brand new fan installed and spare radiator in the boot - as you will see how nicely it flexes during higher revs…
Done that innthe past with few cars, just to scare other drivers with engine sound and annoy pedestrians with clouds of dust…
I think few people were injured with the blade-out scenario, thst’s another reason…

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Besides never wanting to have the fan turning at 6.000 rpm, just calculate how much energy (fuel) you would waste if you had to constantly spin a fan that size that fast.

It would be ill advised to modify a fan clutch by disabling its freewheeling ability. If replacing the fan clutch capability is the goal, then a solid metal replacement must be used and most importantly a fan designed for a high RPM engine. These fans were designed with flexible blades that flattened out as the RPM, increased. These fan designs have become obsolete as electric fans have become the norm, but back in the day they were effective as an alternative to problematic fan clutches.

If in doubt, replace the fan clutch (cheap and easy to replace) and use the black fan blade. Fan clutches are a proven technology.

Aye, I recall the flex fan days. never thought much of them.


I would be ill not advising to give a try. This type of experiment builds individual’a agility and knowledge database for the society.
Every European Opel and Ford was able to withstand this type of solution implemented by their owners, just few screws and coolant temperature gauge was fixed. If Opel managed, Jaguar will do it effortlessly, right? If the CD-ROM could survive 27,000rpms - solid and robust fan will survive as well…

For a $30 USD fan drive???


That was sarcasm (sarcasm is something we have in Europe)
But it’s not changing the fact - that it would be nice to have someone give a try…
Being serious, it’s not rpms will kill your fan, but fatigue caused by rapid acceleration/deceleration…

And if someone did try it and was seriously injured based on some of your posts how would that make you feel, or would you just shrug your shoulder and think dumb ba$tard should have known better I was just kidding,


I think all of this is a solution looking for a problem. The newest XJS is 25 years old; replacing the fan clutch should be on the list of things to do immediately.


The probability that your XJS will burts in flames or will have uncontrolled radius arm detach together with mount, or will give you heart attack with every additional scratch on the paintwork at shopping mall, or that will drop a driver seat on the road, or will kill someone with flying off rear muffler, or will perform industrial action to prevent braking, or will have uncontrolled neglected fan burst anyway - is much greater than sci-fi blade-out scenario, especially on something having metal fan shroud and bonnet closed.
You need to visit Egypt, South America or India, 98% of the cars considered ‘roadworthy’ are having non-slip solution implemented with use of silicone tub.

In case of panic attack - just buy another firearm to replace your angle grinder. Avoid escalators…

If everyone was paranoid about cars there wouldn’t be any… All cars have idiosyncratic problems… nothing lasts forever… nothing is perfect… Life is short… enjoy while you can… An older relative told us to enjoy your “traveling years”… I knew just what she meant… Be happy… try not to worry.