No Crank, No Dashlights

Ok guys I really need some help. I did a search of the forum but I couldn’t find anything, maybe somebody else will know. We got my mum a 2004 XK8 convertible to replace her totalled 98. And its been fantastic, until now…

The car has sat for about 8 days and now will not start. It doesn’t crank or turn. I have no dashlights except for the airbag lights on either side of the dash. And the car will not come out of park. The car seems to have power, as I can lock and unlock it from the fob, use the fob to put the headlights on… the car has sat before without use as I was doing maintenance on it, but it started up fine afterwards… anybody have any ideas?

The very first thing to do is charge the battery overnight and ensure it holds a charge. Then try again.

My first thought is the battery. With all the electronics these cars have, a fading battery can produce puzzling symptoms.

When you turn the ignition on, is the red warning light on the shifter panel flashing?

Charge battery, HARD RESET, then maybe check for DTCs?

If its been wet or cold in your area, charge or possible replace! This happened to us when we were cruising
north Vancouver Island during a three day rain. Got up in Nanaimo. BC that morning to attend the annual
“Brits on the Beach” event in Ladysmith, BC. We were still using original battery. Got new battery. No Worries!

Bob Allen

Hey guys. Decided to try a brand new battery, and still no crank. But now, even with the key off and the car locked, I have the turn signal indicators, the high beam indicator and the gauge minimum lights on constant. It had me worried that maybe the computers in the engine bay got wet but they are bone dry.