No fire to plugs

I drive my 1990 xjs at least once a week and never had a starting problem till now.
Not getting fire to plugs.
Before I start mucking around thought I would ask for members help that have much more knowledge than I have.
Thank you for any advise.
Im also a member on another Jag forum and no one can solve my problem.

A very common problem with the V12 1990 XJ-S with the Marelli ignition is the crankshaft position sensor (CPS) . This CPS gets discussed on this list regularly particularly with “engine cranks but doesn’t start” symptoms. Search the archives for “crankshaft position sensor” and you will find lots of posts about where it is located, the part number, and how to remove and replace it. It is relatively inexpensive and if you have never removed and replaced it in your car it is a very likely suspect for your problem. In addition to the sensor failing, the wire can break and the connector can fail.
BTW, has anyone worked on your car recently?


No one has worked on it in 10 years, do you have a part number for crank and flywheel sensors. Thank you much

The Jaguar part number for the Crankshaft Position Sensor was originally DAC4606 but that was superseded by DBC12507.
If no one has worked on the engine of your 1990 XJ-S in 10 years (I find this really hard to believe), then it is time to check a lot of things like the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, oil, oil filter, brake fluid, etc.:grin:
I have two V12 Jaguars and it seems that there is always something to attend to. :wink:


fixed it the other day, cps plug, cleaned.