No mild steel mufflers?

It seems no one sells mild steel mufflers anymore???

I can’t find my receipt, but I bought a mild steel set from Welsh, XKs or SNG Barratt within the past 9 months. I’m thinking SNG, but I’m not 100% positive without the receipt. If they are not on their web site I’d suggest calling all three and asking. And the sticker on the mufflers says it’s a authentic Jaguar part. The part no. on it is C23869. I enter that on SNG’s web site and get a series II muffler set for about $145, but they may have one for your Series I.

XKs claims the Series I and II FHC and Roadster all take the same muffler, at least according to their catalogue. If that’s correct the C23869 should work for you.

Edit: Welsh claims to have them as well., about $10 more.

This doesn’t look like stainless:!/English/parts/30d8f4c5-291c-4c3c-a23f-fcbc9df98f58

Call SNG to find out for sure.


Enlarge the picture and the sticker shows it’s a Bell and the part number is for the SS item. For that price with that warranty they better be stainless.

Yes, probably is stainless, but looks almost like mild steel. Calling SNG or some of the other usuals might locate them.


Just checked partsgeek and RockAuto: no joy.

Jaguar Classic now sell a mild steel system based on their original blueprints. You can order from any Jaguar dealer. You can also order here:


Centre silencers are £95 ($125). We should all be supporting Jaguar so they continue to invest in producing parts to the original specification and, more importantly, fit. The car will also sound they way Jaguar intended.


Can’t see any exhaust parts for the LWB cars David?

You will need to contact Jaguar Classic and ask. No idea where they are up to with product release but I think they are concentrating on the SWB cars first as they need the parts for their own restorations.


There’s no doubt that Bell system is stainless.

And there is no doubt SNG’s C23869 is mild steel. I have one on my car.

I bought Bell mild steel mufflers from Terry’s/Engel, and I like the sound, not loud but a nice growl under acceleration. I see from their web site that they now also offer genuine Jaguar mild steel mufflers too ($161.55).


Don’t know if you are looking for a ‘mild steel’ muffler or not but I have a number that might help.
A Walker muffler, 52 04008. As I remember I ordered these years ago from a ‘Big A’ store.

Regards, Joel.

Take a good look at the “mild steel” mufflers as per SNG Catalogue. The tie straps are tack welded to the outer shell. The tie straps also go up against the floor boards of the car. Behind the thin muffler outer shell and the welded strap, is a world of carbon monoxide. Hidden from sight and prone to vibration and cracking, this is a hard to spot exhaust leak that can kill you. Ask me how I know. Brian / Mytype


Are you typing from some place you aint told us about???


Hi Wiggy, sorry, don’t understand? Typing from somewhere I aint told us about ? If it is in reference to my submission, I just about clocked out on 3 hour road trip as the hidden muffler crack on my 3 month old Walkers had me nodding off. I rolled down the window to put up with the wind noise in my 71 coupe and came back around. Beware. Brian / Mytype

I think he is humorously referring to your statement, “this is a hard to spot exhaust leak that can kill you. Ask me how I know.” Are you dead and posting from the beyond?

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In case it hasn’t been mentioned – I got mine from Terry’s and it looks like they still have them. No guesswork as the listing clearly states ‘mild steel’:

It seems that Terrys is the only one importing “Classic Spares” parts

I just got off the phone with the salesman at SNG in the U. S. C23869 IS a mild steel muffler made by Jaguar and sold by SNG in the U. S. It’s in stock. Price is about 131.00 + shipping. Buy $300 or more worth of stuff and get free shipping.

I’m not trying to promote SNG over any other vendor although I am a satisfied customer. I’m simply trying to set the record straight.

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