No New Jaguar Models Until 2025?

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From the “This Can’t be Good Dept.” comes this news: Jaguar will not introduce any new models until 2025, at which point all current models will be phased out.

This comes after Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré axed the long rumored and long awaited all-electric replacement for the Jaguar XJ sedan, reportedly at the very last moment.

In somewhat better news, Jaguar will also attempt to reposition itself in the market, to compete more against the likes of Aston Martin and Bentley, and less against BMW and Mercedes. This according to the French newspaper Le Monde, as quoted by several sources.

Happily, Jaguar does seem to have at least one model that current customers are more than eager to purchase. According to CarBuzz, there’s a three month waiting list for Jaguar’s only surviving sedan (in the US market anyway), the Jaguar XF.

Presumably Jaguar’s owners, Tata, were the ones who hired Bolloré. And also presumably, they’re supportive of his plans for the future of the marque. That must mean that they’re down for one hell of a Hail Mary pass.

The XF is six years old, going on fifteen, depending on whether you count from the introduction of the original XF or just the facelift model. The F-Pace is five years old, the E-Pace four, and the I-Pace three.

More worryingly, Jaguar’s “halo car,” the F-Type, is already seven years old. Even older if you count the introduction of the C-X16 prototype.

Tata must keep Jaguar on life support for four more years, at a cost we can only speculate, and despite an increasingly aging product lineup. And they have to do this until the new electric models are ready for prime time in 2025.

That’s four long years of nail biting for Jaguar employees and for the rest of us. Let’s just hope the 2025 models will be all they can be, and enough to save the storied marque.

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They will be the electric test mule for Land Rover then die…Unless GTJOEY BUYS THEM…

and girls …

Strangely enough, Tata seems to be willing to foot the bill for Jaguar. Not just keeping them alive, but funding the development of an entire new range of models, all the while drowning in red ink. They must have ice water running through their veins.

But hey, I can spare $20. Who’s gonna approach Ratan Tata? I don’t seem to have his number on speed dial. :wink:


Go for it. :grin: I obviously can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of the below information.

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I am going to have to guess, because I certainly don’t have any crystal ball that can look into the company’s thoughts, that Tata must know something we don’t.

I’ll get grandpa tata on the phone!:smiley:

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My sources, still suggest that Jaguar will introduce a new range of HYDROGEN-ELECTRIC vehicles, or FUEL CELL, depending on your preferred terminology, as they see no long term viability in BATTERY cars…, and are not sufficiently cashed up company than can afford to develop an interim range of battery cars as a political stop gap…
As before, Toyota, Hyundai and now Honda, have all declared they see their long term future in Hydrogen, and not Battery as their preferred energy source, but are sufficiently cashed up to keep offering battery offerings in the interim…
Watch the terminology being played with - its all about the generic term EV now (for Electric Vehicles) and there are no technical/environmental problems with electric DRIVE, the real issue is the source of POWER/ENERGY to feed the electric DRIVE. So just saying EV now, allows the pro battery brigade to subtlety move to hydrogen when it suits, without losing political face…
Google around - huge initiatives in Australia, and also in Scandinavia, and I dare say other countries not locked into Battery and/or Fossil Fuel politics - in developing GREEN HYDROGEN… where Solar (in particular) in sunny/large countries is now economically viable as the energy source to produce GREEN HYDROGEN. Australia sees GREEN HYDROGEN as the fuel of the future, not just for all transport applications, but also domestic and industrial applications, including now making GREEN Steel; thus a huge new long term viable/sustainable industry/jobs and export income that will more than replace our current Coal exporting industry, and indeed significantly surpass our well developed LNG export industry. We have no battery industry, battery car industry nor oil industry to push any local disinformation campaign against Hydrogen and indeed Hydrogen cars…
Countries like Japan and Korea - two of the main car manufacturing countries, have no agenda re what sort of ENERGY they need to import, and China, now the largest car manufacturing country in the world are happy to jump ship at a moments notice and will quickly abandon their current battery car dominance for hydrogen when their time is right… Who knows about Europe; incredibly complicated politics re both car manufacturing and energy resources/needs, and USA is barely a car exporting country of any consequence, but dominates their local market, so will respond to that…

Regardless, there will be enough petrol available for my current model XJ351 (and my Classic Jags) to see me out, unless/until I see something Hydrogen-Electric of interest…, that I can then still happily drive 650/700km in one very easy day (as you can in Australia) without stopping nor worrying about finding first, and the time it takes, to recharge somewhere mid trip… , or when not touring as we often do, don’t have to worry about refueling every day/opportunity…

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I just don’t see any way this plays out well for Jaguar. No new models, unexciting current models, and a future tied to electric when Jaguar doesn’t exactly have the best reputation with electronics. I hope I’m wrong, but they’re not giving me much to be positive about.

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If that is the case, I wish them all the best. I hope they can pull it off.

I don’t think they are doing too badly

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Robin is on the right page, LOAD UP THE LOSES, It 's a huge tax deduction for his peasant line of cars for the masses, say 4,000 dollars U.S. for those cars they make in India.
Plus Jaguar becomes the buffer with ELECTRIC for government restrictions going all electric and he still makes billions on the tuna fish can cars…
Its a good model BUT…Jaguar will be the LAMB.
I left grandpa a message for monday…