No Power to Lighting Issues

Hi Again, Guys,

Re: Scrapper, my former '96 X-300, the Rev. lady who now owns her reports that her tech is now experiencing the following issue. Any ideas on what’s up?

There is power to the passenger side of the vehicle but no power to the driver’s side of it. All fuses check out to be good, however. There’s no power to the driver’s side turn signal and lower fog light, with exception of the driver’s side fender-mounted side marker/left turn amber light. Also, when activating the right turn signal it not only flashes but the right headlamp as well.


Get the tech to move the BFM’s from side to side to see if the problem moves with the BFM

Ah, good thinking. And if that “solves” the problem then it’s a bad Bulb F. M.? :thinking:

Should give an indication.

Robin, I looked up the B.F.M.s, but it looks like they are oriented to “front” and “rear” lights, not “driver’s side” and “passenger’s side”. ??? :confused:

Correct thats why I said swap side to side, not front not back.

So there are FOUR of them? and, btw, where are they located? The Classic parts site doesn’t show that detail … :confused:

This is a ‘40 but I’m fairly sure the 300 would be in about the same place, it is the black box just to the left of the snorkel bolted to the body coloured plate nestling up to the radiator.

k. Will look for it there, then (btw, I assume the other one for the front is in the corresponding area on the other side?) Thanks! :smile:

Yes should be, and in the boot you will need to pull back the liners if you want to locate the rear BFM’s