No reserve. Could go cheap - tired but complete

Just passing along as it looks like it’s a slow auction and might be interesting to some here:

You can tell copywriters really don’t understand these cars: First they say…

  • Generally solid condition for an unrestored vehicle of this age

Then the rest…

  • Clutch can be made to slip
  • Upholstery badly worn
  • Badly rusted floors
  • Badly rusted rear wheelwells

I think it’s probably worth the current bid of $3200.

Worth more than that Paul even just for parting out !

Perhaps to someone else but moi…:wink:

Okay so this thing is drivable? Oddly the engine sound really good in the videos.

Likely, but if the lower panels’ rot is as extensive as it likely is, whether or not it can be driven has very little bearing on the value of it.