No title on an XJ6C

Have an opportunity to buy a 1975 XJ6C WITH NO TITLE. Yes I know this may be a real cluster****. I have the vin no. Is there a source to research the history of this car?

VIN search on internet may give info - also try Coventry Foundation, here USA - 0r a local Jaguar club that is a member of JCNA (Jaguar Clubs of North America) - Tex.

does your state do bonded titles?
they do here in AZ, you apply for a bonded title, pay the fees and insurance, several weeks later you have a legit title, providing to vehicle does not come back as showing stolen. have done it a couple times. seems more of a money thing than anything else
expect $4-600-ish

CA has a similar process.

As to the car in question. If one knows the plate numver and state. It may be psssible to get the name on the registration and find that person and reestablish the chain of toit;e