Nobody knows this answer?

To those of you that know…
What, if anything, is different about the door opening in a 90 vs. 92.
URO HHE5301AA lower door weather strip says for 92 and newer.
Talking about convertibles.
How about lower half of coupe
door. Same as convertible?
If so a guy could splice weather strip as needed.
90 convertible weather strip is apparently discontinued.

@gregma …? Im clueless!

Give us the part number for the part you actually want and believe to be discontinued? There’s lots of different parts that could be called a weatherstrip.

I don’t know the number.
I called sng Barrett, USA, and was told that the part I’m looking for is discontinued.
I need the left door weather strip for a 90 convertible.
Vin is 169xxx.
All of my searches bring up 92 and newer part number.
90 coupe part is available but I don’t know if lower half of door is identical to convertible. If so, I could splice in the low part of weather strip that I need to replace.
Thanks for any help in advance.

Not sure If this helps, but before I could afford a proper door for my 94 coupe I used one from an 85.
Everything worked on it and the only modification I made was removing the top and rear of the window frame.
I’ve heard that convertible doors are different but I don’t know what the difference is.
This was quite a few years ago and I’m sure I had to bodge connections for window motor, mirror control and auto lock/unlock.

I checked out the seal on my 92. The retention method is identical to 83 XJS, and identical to 1963 Mk X! I say go buy the cheap seal off Amazon and let us know if it works.