Noise and vibration after changing rear tire

Hello everyone.
I’m new to the jaguar ownership. This is what happened. Had a flat, jacked up the car , removed the lug nuts and rotated the tire to speed up the process and hear a grinding noise under the car stopped rotating the tire and had the tire fixed. Now I have a noise and vibration coming from under the car that was never there. Any ideas? 04 x type 2.5 manual.

Hi Keaton,

bring the tire back, tell them about the vibration, inspect the heat shield of the brake and clean all mating surfaces. If the problems persist, let a mechanic have a look and change tires around. Do not drive unless you are absolutely certain that everything’s in the correct order. A bit of grinding noise can be the dragging brakes, normal, but not too much. I surely missed something, but do not drive and inspect everything that was touched is a good first start.
It is also possible that the flat damaged something.


Thanks David. In the process now.

Make sure you do not bend or interfere with the trailing arm when lifting the rear end of the car from the side.

Placing a lifting device too far to the rear and too far inward can damage the trailing arm and cause suspension problems.

I replaced and/or straightened many X400 trailing arms when I worked at the dealer because people don’t see that the arm swings down when the car goes UP.


Thanks Bob. Going tomorrow to have it Rebalanced in the morning.