Noise when accelerating in first gear (62 Mk2)

1962 Jaguar Mark 2
Noise when eccelerating in first gear from under the front seats. Spoke to my Jaguar mechanic and looked under the car there is a bracket with a large pin through it. He explained that inside there is a large spring to hold up the end of the transmission. We believe that it may have lost its tension.
Have looked in the catalogues and don’t see it listed. Does anybody know if this spring is available?
Kim R.

That spring is seated in 2 rubber cushions 1 top 1 bottom. They tend to disintegrate over time courtesy of oil leaks etc. I suspect one or both have failed causing metal on metal contact. Pretty easy repair. Good place to look first up, anyway. Never heard of the spring itself failing. Up and down movement of the trans is restricted by the stabiliser connected between the bellhousing and firewall, the bushes there can fail, too.


Gearbox Mounting Coil Spring Rear:


But were do you find the rubber bits and spring needed. Not listed by Moss or Barrett.
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C12335 and C12665.

Thanks Mike;
However, you did not mention which company to order the parts from.
Kim R.

If you Google ‘Jaguar’ followed by the part number e.g Jaguar C12335 you should see lots of suppliers

You would select your supplier depending on where in the world you are located.

Thanks to all.
Have got the parts needed.
Kim R

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The pin that COULD go through that rod was for shipping purposes only. I have been told numerous times that it should be removed. Otherwise you are greatly restricting the designed movement. Please chime in if I’m wrong. I have not had mine in for 20 years now. Check the bell housing bushing also. Unique screw down installation is wonky. Kinda of a bear to R&R, possible with use of a floor jack on the transmission tail.

It is also used when removing and installing the engine and gearbox to the car. The spring, bushings and channel support are temporarily held together with a large washer and a pin through the spring retainer stem, and the entire assembly remains attached to the gearbox. That makes removal and installation of the gearbox much easier and safer.

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So yes - remove it when finished install / work :slight_smile: