Non-Member and the Sale of Parts

At a recent meeting of the British Car Club of Northeast Pennsylvania, a member asked me if I knew anyone who needed what he described as the “front and back windshield for a 3.8 Jaguar”. I think he asked me because I am the only active member who has a Jaguar. He is into Austin Healy cars.

Can a non-member post parts for sale in out Classifieds?

Lou Danzico

Not currently, no. You have to be a registered user, in “Trust Level 1”. New users are default created in Trust Level 0, and get automatically promoted to TL 1 after a while, and after fulfilling certain basic criteria.

The reason for this is that we want to make sure that it’s not too easy for criminals to register dummy accounts and create either spammy ads or ads intended to defraud our members.

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Thanks for your response. The rules are perfectly understandable and in the best interest of the organization.