Non start spark present

You, Sir Lawrence, nailed it! :ok_hand:

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…and now for my personal challenge :roll_eyes:…chilly this morning too!

Couldn’t agree more
Thanks for everything guys.

Getting there too but probably next year. It’s already chilly outside here.

Hi guys bad news.

The day after the eureka moment. It was raining and again no start,

This time no spark.
Cps works because the rev counter is moving up.

Have to check for voltage on the amplifier and measure the resistance of the coil but that one is only 20 000 km old

Rotor distributor spark plugs and leads are all new.

If you have other ideas to check, all suggestions are welcome
Many thanks

Frederic, here is a link to a thread about a baffling no-start that Jag.Man experienced with his '94 VDP.

1994 Jaguar VDP No Spark - #185 by Jag.Man?

It is an interesting read when you have plenty of time (and a cold pint or two at hand) - it is 193 posts long! Spoiler alert: the faulty component was the ignition on relay. On the '94 models that relay is on the firewall in the engine bay. I believe on your '92 model it is on.a ‘component panel’ under the right-side dashboard. The relay should be serviced by white/blue and brown wires.