Non-technical - another story

A college student is going door to door looking to be hired to
do odd jobs. The man who answers this particular front door
looks askance at the young man and shakes his head.

The young man says, “Aw, isn’t there something I can do for you?
I can paint, I can clean, I can do gardens, yards - anything at all!
Only $10 per hour, and I work fast! C’mon, what do you say?”

And the man at the front door hesitates and says, “Well, ok. Go
out back and scrape down and paint the porch”, and he hands the
young man a couple of gallons of green paint, a scraper and a big
brush. The young man is overjoyed, takes the stuff and rushes to
the back of the house.

Three hours later, the front doorbell rings again and the homeowner
finds a grinning young man with lime green paint spattered from head
to foot. “All done!”, he says. The fellow receives $30 for his trouble
and, as he turns to leave, he stops and says,

“Oh, by the way sir, that isn’t a Porsche back there, its a Jaguar”.


i had an old beater datsun truck red yellow and white. i even got a ticket after being passed by line of cars on way to my birthday party. it was three points for two years, so party and cake were great and dad slipped me a half imp. gallon of gelled green rubberized paint like vintage… late 60s. next week laid off from job i hated. broke i picked up 6 pack and pizza etc.,i know you can dig it.
felt so stupid and mental i could not sleep so painted truck with 3 pad and was finished by dawn. next day was a little funny even thought about getting a job! so lots of coffee and new old napoleon brandy - i lokked outsie the door and truck had disappeared so more coffee fo’ pooboy was starting feel good even hummin along with la boheme. want to hear any more we should probably be less publc? anyhow now ireaally like invibility

Ya gotta love Discourse…

“23 years later…”

…Saltarelli’s tellin’ the same old jokes. @Nickolas


Possibly a record. Good year though, '97.


It was up–I got accepted at Biosphere II, as a NASA-funded intern, accepted in Columbia U’s Environmental program there. Much fun, learned lots.

It was down–both my 'rents died (Mom = January, Dad = August), then, John Denver was killed in October (he wasn’t a close friend, but I had worked on his original 356, in the early 70s, and we kept in touch).

Definitely a memorable year.


97 was a very good year even for painting rotten crap! i need a secretary any ideas alexa & etc> Fairport convention "woke up and it was a chelsea morning’ dominates my input.