Nord Locks/Off with its head/5 speed breather

Just begin the process of engine removal of the engine to install Broad Sport 5 speed. Each year I inspect downpipe nuts for tightness even though I installed nord lock washers and they are always loose. Not loose enough to fall off just not very snug, did make removal of downpipes a little easier.
The plan was to just pull the engine and install 5 speed and not look for problems. Well, not the case, the water pump has a slight wobble in shaft. Are the new replacement pumps OK, in the past, they were not?
When intake manifold was removed (came right off) puddles of oil were in runners and valves were wet and caked with burnt oil, did not expect this.Engine had been running great and no burning of oil. I know the valve clearances are a little tight and now looks like stem seals need to be replaced, may just send head off to Coventry West? Head was last rebuilt about 60K miles ago, maybe it is time.
Anyone know it the Broad Sport 5 speed requires a breather, have not seen mention of it anywhere?
1970 E type

Glenn -

I bought a new water pump from Terry’s in 2013 - carried it as a spare for 2 years then used it on the rebuilt engine in 2015. In service now for about 20,000 miles with no issues. I do recall hearing of a bad batch a few years back though I don’t think I heard who had them.

I use Nord-loc style washers on my down pipes but have replaced the studs with socket head cap screws.

Glenn, I bought a water pump from SNG within the last year and it fit perfectly and no problems in 3000 miles.
I’m interested in fitting a Broad Sport 5 speed myself but was waiting for feedback from someone who is/has installed one and you’re the guy.

Was there any problem buying it from England and clearing customs?
Was final drive ratio did you get?
How much was the 5 speed including shipping and taxes?

Please keep us informed of your progress and any problems. I’m going to hot on your trail if it fits without any issues.


Andy 1969 S2 FHC

Looking at my water pump I see it is ‘County’ brand which is also what XKs sells. I mention them as I just got an email announcing their water pumps are ‘on sale’. Price on the C28414 replacement is less than what I paid 6 years ago.

Oops, looking again I see they have zero in stock. Oh well, it was still a great price :frowning:

I have a different 5-speed, and the only (and important) advice I can give is to make sure fifth gear is around .65 to .70, maybe a bit less. Mine is about .82 and is almost like nothing…


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The T5’s for V8 powered cars usually have an OD ratio of about a .68 ratio, which really lays it down into lazy freeway mode, and gives you that “ahhh” feeling. Anything in the .8 to .86 range is typically reserved for 4-cylinder cars. I would also think an E-type would be better suited to a “V8-type” ratio.

As for locking washers on exhaust system components, I once had an engineer who worked for an aftermarket header manufacturer tell me that ‘high collar’ lock washers were the only reliable way of keeping exhaust fasteners tight. My header flange bolts were forever coming loose, until I took his advice on this.


Re: 5 speed from Broad Sport, this was not my first choice. Wanted the JT5 with .63 final drive, but when investigating found T5 products have some quality issues? Shipments were stopped at the time. Final drive I believe on mine is .73. Welsh also sells this box but was trying so save some money so bought direct from Broad. Customs was a pain ($200.) and will have to pay California sales tax as soon as they track me down. My savings on box kept shrinking. With new drive shaft about $5K. Hope installation does not require modification of crossmember for clearance. Seem to be hit and miss on these cars.
Pressure is on to get car ready for the “Oil Leak” but if my wife comes will take the XK8?

If I recall correctly the first new water pumps offered years ago were Junk, they may have been made in India???
My exhaust flanges cracked may years age when attempting removal so now have some studs welded in so the cap screws out of the question. Will look into a new pump, thought I remember one made of aluminium?
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Glenn. Whats so unusual about the drive shaft that it costs that kind of money?

I took it to mean that the total cost, with the new driveshaft, is $5K.

I don’t recall the gear ratio in my 1999 vintage JT5 but with the V12 low gearing is perfect. I turn 2600 at 90mph and plenty of torque so you can pass without downshifting even as low as 2000 rpm

I almost never run past 4000rpm even when passing in 3rd or 4th


This is the the ratio set that came with my JT5 for a V12. With the 3.31 rear axle that came with the car and it’s automatic trans, this seems to work out great. First gear with the 3.31 works out about the same as the original 4 speed(2.93) that came with a 3.54 and top gear will give a higher top end with less RPM.

I installed one of the six (?) group buy boxes a couple of years ago and wrote it up here. There must be others by now. The.Owner was happy, box looks well made, no adapter plate needed or crossmember cutting. Lots narrower than T5 boxes

Do you recall hooking up a breather to transmission?
What is the shift pattern?
Being an aluminum case what about the noise level compared to original box?