Norton fuel oil tank restoration

I am getting the old (1953) Norton up and running , not a full restoration , just road worthy
Was not sure of the condition of the inside of the fuel tank , as it’s the best part of 60 years old , the sides felt a bit spongey .
Only one thing for it , cut the bottom off and have a look :scream:
Nice surprise to find it in good condition , just a coffee coloured tied mark , that took some shifting to remove , once it was all clean , left it for a week to dry
From new the tank only had thin sides !
Then re fiberglass the inside , first thick matting , then a fine mesh
Made a shelf out of fiberglass , for the base to sit on , all the inside was given a coat of resin , and the shelf before I replaced the bottom , cut was filled with resin , then strips of the thick mat , then a layer of fine mesh , then a coat of just resin ,
300ml of resin inside and run around the shelf best I could .
A lot stronger then when new now .
I think the 97 ron fuel has very little if any ethanol in it , but I plan on draining the tank after a ride ,
Should be good for another 60 years .
Could have got a alloy tank , but I am trying to keep the bike as it was .

Picture of the bike is when I first got it !

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I assume you 'glassed-on the cut-out piece, at the end?

I repaired a DKW tank in a similar manner, but just bead blasted the pinholed bottom, 'glassed it over with 7140 crow’s foot cloth, and it was fine after 8 years of use.

Looks very Dunstall- do you know the origin of the tank? Somewhat familiar with Nortons and have never seen a combined fuel/oil tank. Very good looking cafe racer!

Do you mean the bit about 2 inches to the left of the fuel tap hole ?
If so no , wood sits in there , as a support for the tank to sit on frame !

First coat of paint !



Not sure of the make Robert , the seat unit and rear mudguard are fiberglass too , save weight I guess , back in the late 50’s 60’s , there was not many people making bolt on parts for bikes , unlike now days
I have some old bike mags coming will have a look in there for a name !

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I have heard of John Tickle (although not in a loooong time!). Probably made the entire kit as his was the only game in town until the 70s.
I had built a cafe racer based on a Norton Featherbed 750 with rear sets, clip ons, belt drive primary, fiberglass tank and seat- it was a blast until you got stuck in stop/ go traffic. Brings back memories…good luck with it.

I have a ton of Classic Bike and Classic Racer magazines from England; yours for postage if interested. Send me a PM

I am in England , but thanks for the offer .