Nos and used XK120 parts /old man Welsh

Guys Dave Welsh just called me…
They found a ton of shoot in the original wharehouse from his dad!
120 roadster door skins!
Seat frames…
Call him up there’s a boat load of nos
I picked up some spare parts
Good luck

Great lead! I’ve sourced most of my resto needs but there’s bound to be something missing when I get to final assembly several months from now. Thanks.

I perceive either misplaced vowels or an errant consonant, unless dad was frisky.

Dave’s Dad started the whole Jag thing in 1965.
One of his best friends was John Farrel.
90% of all original parts in the states were bought by the 2 of them in the late 60’s early 70’s when BL had taken over.
John had retired and sold all his parts OVERSEAS about a year ago…it was a gold mine.
Its tough building this etype because I used to drive to his place and EVERYTHING was new on a shelf. Not repro.
His pre bent lines were the best which all the big guys would buy his product.
So when dave called they found TONS of old stuff…
Nick if you like I can give you his private cell when your ready.

I’ve got boxes of new, restored and rebuilt parts in storage, some of which I haven’t set eyes on in decades and two cross-country moves. Won’t know for sure what’s missing till I get around to assembly but I may take you up on that when the time comes, Joey.

…glad I’m not the only one! Also happy I’ve got six years to get it all disappeared.