NOS coils for dynamo people

I got an email alert that these new Lucas coils were listed in case anyone’s looking. They’ve been unobtanium for quite a while. They fit the '62-64 C42 dynamo

link not working…

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Hrm, they may have sold. There were a few listed

Do you mean this type I got an enail about?

I took it to mean field coils for dynamos… curious now as to just what these were.

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It was these guys. I got one for myself. Hopefully not a scam. Supposedly coming from Italy, we’ll see. I’ve had that search running for a few years and never seen one pop up.

If mine pack up I will rewind them as I used to have to do as a nipper at my first real job. Paul

Same dynamo in the Rover: I gave a few good working, OE units, if anyone needs one.