NOS wiring harness: Use it or not?

I would like to tap into the combined wisdom of the group here. I have a new, unused wiring harness for my XK 140 that my father purchased probably 25 years ago. It looks to be in good condition. The insulation is not brittle, fabric covering is in good shape, but it is 25 years old. Would you use it, or purchase a new one? Any suggestions for sourcing quality wiring harnesses if that is the route to go?

Should work fine, if the loom has been out of the sun and away from heat.

The harness in my 120 boot is 67 years old and still fine, just the colors are a bit faded.

25 years ago would put it in the 90’s, a reproduction most likely, not NOS. So I doubt we’re talking about a 60 year old harness. I’d use it.

True. I was a little casual with my terminology. It is an unused reproduction that was manufactured 25 to 30 years ago. It has not been in the sun and has not been exposed to heat, so other than age, there has not been much to degrade it.

Should be ok Im 72 and getting better with age

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worcestershire or tomatoe

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