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I’ve been a member for a little over a year and just reading the posts up to now. I purchased a '56 140 FHC back then and thought I would sit in the weeds for a while until I go a feel for how this works. My car was purchased without engine or trans as it’s prior powerhouse was a chevy 350 setup. Needless to say a lot of things were changed to the chassis and body for that modification. It is now my task to get it back to something close to where it should be. I have an engine I rebuilt years ago from a '65 3.4 S-Type. There will be issues in making that fit and that should be interesting. Not much left of interior as well. The car had an automatic bulkhead that was full of holes and badly rusted, replaced with a manual bulkhead. Hope to share with you my progress and to tap your collective brain matter for answers to problems that befuddle me. Mike

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Welcome to the forum. Looks like a decent solid basis for the rebuild. I must say I like the shop setup you have. Looks like lots of working space. I am looking forward to updates as you get along with your project.

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Kinda, sorta, looks like you’ve done this before - maybe. :rofl:
Very nice.

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Welcome , I am jealous of your workshop .


Thank you for the comments and welcome. I belong to a British Car Club in the Fox Cities (Wisconsin). I’ve done some work on British cars since being with the club and this is my next project. Since retiring it was too long a drive everyday to our clubhouse so I found a facility closer to home. This will be my first project in this building. I do have a lot more room than before and its quite different from the previous cramped quarters, although I do miss the camaraderie of my fellow members in the shop.
The last Jaguar I’ve done was my Mark VIII. It took me four years and I learned a lot. It was a basket case when I got it.
I’ve been following your videos, fascinating stuff, and inspiring.