Not getting notifications or emails

(RustfreeMike) #1

Hi - all of a sudden this past week or so I’ve stopped seeing notifications of thread replies or personal messages next to my icon at the top right. A couple other people I spoke to said the same thing.

Also I haven’t been getting email notifications of anything either.


(Robert Wilkinson) #2

Right…me included plus a few folks I know. Could be the result of a software upgrade.

BTW, I hereby notify you that you have a PM from me. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Yes, notifications have been delayed since the last software update. There appears to be a background job that is consuming much of the resources on the server, so notifications and outgoing emails are probably being delayed by that.

Search froze on me once or twice too.

Please bear with us while we figure it out.

(RustfreeMike) #4

Thanks Andrew - It seems to be sorted now. Getting notifications again.