Now I need a carrier CBC1740

Got all ready to install new bearings and discovered a crack in one hub carrier. Does anyone have a CBC1740 - this is for an 89 so need the antilock sensor port - that they would like to sell?


Bob, if I recall a there is a thread around here maybe in the XJ area dealing with a similar crack. I don’t recall the outcome but some good info in it. Try this: 1985 XJ6 cracks in rear hubs


Was changing bearings in both rear hubs on 1985 XJ6 and found both with what looked like similar cracks. After shipping car to Boffo Motors to be inspected found them both to be foundry flaws that many many XJ6 and XJS have. Take flat screw driver and go over small area of flaw and you will see that the imperfection only goes so deep proving that it is not a crack. These hubs are readily available but to find some without the imperfection is almost impossible.

Harder to see but there is a corresponding crack in the back side…

In my opinion not going to be a concern, as has been noted many have that line and have never parted company. Put your new bearings in and forget it.


Interesting thread. I’ve seen lots of those “cracks” too.

Bob, I should have a hub if you decide to try another, and can’t find one closer to you.


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Thanks Robert-

I found one, should arrive next week. If it is not satisfactory I will contact you.

Couple of general updates to add to the thread:

  • most/all of the info I have seen talk about the cracks as a “pre 1988” problem; a couple imply that the anti-lock style hubs don’t have this problem. Not true, my car has antilock.

  • the crack on my hub is on both sides, which raises my concern a bit

  • the crack is at least 3/32” deep, I did some exploring with a dremel. It’s not just a surface imperfection.

  • with everything sitting on the bench, now is the time to deal with it. The new (used) hub was $75 and will delay my 3 month project by a week. Easy choice.

  • if the new hub is cracked, I’ll take the best one, grind out the cracks, drill the ends and TIG them. Can’t hurt.

  • having said all that, it’s “probably” fine as is, had I not been doing other work I never would have known. In this case the time and $ to go from “probably” to “definitely” is minimal, so that is what I am going to do.

Really appreciate everyone’s input - I learned a lot!!


Bob Brackney

Yeah, I was gonna suggest that. I would not suggest doing it in situ as the distortion could affect the fulcrum bearings, but as long as it’s out anyway…

This might be duplicate, sorry, phone being weird.
I’ve always had great luck with eBay and Craigslist. Not today. The “good” hub I purchased has experienced what must have been catastrophic bearing failure, to the point the u-joint was driven into the back.

@Robert_Laughton I tried to send u pm. Lmk if u received pls.

How about stop drilling it, then getting it welded?