Number 10 right side fuse blowing

The fuse blows as soon as I turn on the and cigar lighter disconnected. No ac either but that is on a different fuse #11according to the owners manual. been thru 5 20 amp fuses, I have not disconnected the sunroof motor yet. Any ideas.

1989 xj 40 usa model

David -
(1) Do NOT try a higher amperage - that does not end well. Been there, done that, have kept the blown power seat control module as a “don’t be stupid” reminder.
(2) Go to AutoZone and get a 20 amp breaker:

It will trip but auto-reset after a bit, so you’re not out the expense and hassle of replacing the fuse time and again whilst troubleshooting.

I don’t have wiring diagrams at hand to know what is fed by fuse #10.