Number of XJ81 cars produced?

Anyone have any idea how many of the 1993-1994 XJ12 or XJ81 cars were produced?
I am making a video about one of these cars and I would like to know some sort of approximate production figure to include in the video.

In looking through the archives I see a post in the X300 forum that mentions looking at a document on the JDHT website to see a pdf file of production numbers but that post was from 2007 and the link no longer functions.

Anyone know if such a file with production number data still exists somewhere on the JDHT site?



I have a book called ’ You And Your XJ40 ’ by Nigel Thorley. He lists the production figures for the XJ12 as follows.
6.0L Export 1993 = 1121 - 1994 = 400 Total 1521
6.0L Jaguar 1993 = 1087 - 1994 = 156 Total 1243
6.0L Daimler 1993 = 864 - 1994 = 121 Total 985
6.0L Majestic 1993 = 0 - 1994 = 50 Total 50.
Nigel Thorley has written quite a few Jaguar related books and is known to have had contacts within the Jaguar company for access to records etc, so if that list is not absolutely accurate I’m guessing it will be quite close.

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I believe the US got in the low hundreds in 1994, although I can’t put my finger on where I sourced that.