Numbers from VIN

Is there a website to plug in my VIN number and get what should be my engine number and transmission number…???

No. the only way to get that information is to apply for a heritage certificate from Jaguar.

Heritage Certificate is the way to go but you can see if your car is here:

Well, I think the data plate should have that info unless you have a very late E-Type (not sure what was provided once the big data plate was discontinued).

Also - I am not sure that they tell you those numbers (engine and gearbox) when you get a cert. I am thinking you tell them what you have and they tell you if that is correct.

The smaller data plate used on the later Series 2 omitted the lubrication information, but car/chassis number, engine number, body number and gearbox number are still present.

Exactly. The Heritage folks won’t tell you what the original numbers for your car are, they will only confirm or deny that the numbers you give them are original. They don’t want folks “creating” cars with original numbers from a bunch of bits…



Apparently I can’t say that.

Good catch, I should have said verify instead of tell. Bad choice of words on my part.

Yep, yep. There’s the way. And it’s the easiest route to go by. Here’s the article with all the sacred knowledge

The standardized VIN system didn’t exist until the late 60’s or early 70’s, I believe. (There’s a write up on Wikipedia). Anyway, the registration “VIN” on my car is J64 plus the serial number. “J” (for Jaguar) and “64” (for the year) , plus the serial number), was apparently used by California back in the day. So, I’m guessing my car was originally titled in California, and the State of Texas picked it up when a Texas resident re-titled it. No way to get to the engine number from the “VIN”.

Not sure if this helps or confuses but my 68 FHC originally sold in Santa Cruz CA in Aug 1968 and does not have a “J” tag. The original sales receipt only calls out 1E35152. It then moved to Norman OK in 1971 and was always registered there as 1E35152 on the many registrations receipts and OK title copy the original owner gave me. When I bought it in Texas in 2000 it stayed that way when I titled it.

68 E-type FHC

Hi Guys,
What is the significance of the small riveted aluminium tags found in a few places on the body of the E Types?

Those are Body Number tags and that number should match the one on the main data plate.

Thanks John