Numbers interpreted as list items automatically re-numbered by forum software

I ran into a strange one that others may or may not run into. As part of helping a guy diag his EFI problems I was listing some ECU pin numbers and how to check them.

Sometimes the pin numbers were in order, and sometimes they weren’t. E.g.

2. does x
3. does y

  1. does blah
    18 does blah blah

The forum software automatically changed my pin numbers if they were out of order even though when I went back to edit the post (because it looked incorrect) the correct number was still present in my edit screen.)

Just weird…

~Paul K.

Just a wild guess, but I’m thinking it’s because the editor is automatically formatting your text into a numbered list. It’s probably also trying to help you correct any numbering sequence errors.

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

and so on.

The discrepancy between the finished post and the editing window is a little strange, but I’m guessing it’s the difference between processed and un-processed text (“baked” and “unbaked”, in Discourse terminology). The number sequence correction probably happens in the processing.

Maybe you could try:

Pin 1 does: A
Pin 3 does: B
Pin 11 does: C
Pin 18 does: D



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I suspect your right about everything. I wanted to post more as a heads up about a quirk in the software.

You’re probably right, the best way to handle it is to put “PIN” or whatever in front of the number to prevent the software from interpreting and mis-correcting something that otherwise looks like a sequential numbered list.

Even in the post above, 18 is not indented from 15 in the editing window, nor was I intending an indent, but the software decided it needed to be there.

~Paul K

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