Nuts to Bolt the Brake Disc and the Driveshaft to the Diff which ones do I need?

Hi I am replacing the Brake Discs of my 1989 XJS prefacelift Convertible and would like to know the Size and Thread of the 4 Nuts that bolt the Brake Discs and the Drive Shaft to the Diff being 4 Nuts each side

They look like some special sort of Lock Nut rather than a normal Nylock does anyone know what they are called and where I can get them

Thanks for your help

I’m going to take an educated guess at 7/16" x 20TPI and 11/16" across the flats.

Hi and Yes, you are right about that but what I need are ‘Metlocks’ rather than ‘Nylocks’ because the Nylon in the Nylocks will melt in the heat
So the Question is where do I buy those ‘Metlocks’ ?
They don’t really seem that Special but they can be very expensive for some reason

Might try David Boger at everydayxj. Good used or possibly NOS !!!

Don’t know where you are. David is in the Carolinas in the USA…

Has gathered and dismantled tons of old Jags…

Hi Thanks for all your suggestions but all sorted now its just that mainstream Nut and Bolt stockists don’t get much call for what I was after although once you show them a photo, that’s when the suddenly realise that they had them all the time!

If that’s the case - here comes salvation:

Noo need to look for it, Mini Cooper parts are widely available even in Baghdad